WATCH: Christie again revises his ‘evolution’ on guns

TRENTON — For the second time in less than four days, Gov. Chris Christie has changed his position on when and how he did a turnaround on supporting New Jersey’s semiautomatic weapons ban. Christie, appearing on a taped interview that aired Sunday morning, conceded it was his time traveling the country as governor and chairman of…

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One Comment on “WATCH: Christie again revises his ‘evolution’ on guns”

  1. Number one, said at 10:43 am on January 11th, 2016:

    he lost re- election as a Morris freeholder, didn’t he? Number two, he has said he became pro- life when he saw the sonogram of his baby daughter in the womb: FYI,Frank Pallone was pro-life before it was politically better for him to be pro- choice- it’s interesting how some guys change, either way,on that issue… And number three, we all know how the Guv can get, when challenged-if he strikes out in New Hampshire, my guess is, it’ll be an uncomfortable two last years, here in old NJ..