2015 elections likely saw lowest voter turnout in N.J. history

assetContentTRENTON — This past Tuesday’s elections in New Jersey are likely to make history, according to a prominent pollster — but not in a way that would make Garden State politicians proud. Only 20.8 percent of registered voters in the state turned up to the polls on Election Day, according to a preliminary analysis by Patrick…

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7 Comments on “2015 elections likely saw lowest voter turnout in N.J. history”

  1. Walter Mazza said at 7:28 am on November 9th, 2015:

    The County Republicans now have the “B team in charge. A group of inexperienced leaders that has never really had to wage a tough campaign. The D’s do an end run and spend some money in the last week and take down 2 incumbents. Imagine what they are thinking now knowing what we have here. Jen Beck is in big trouble. I’ll bet she does not even run again and just walks away while on top. You watch. Shawn Golden is in over his head and HE is squarely to blame for these losses since he was totally unprepared and ran a pitiful campaign. More on this because most won’t speak up to call him and his band of “B team players” out but some of us will. Stay tuned. Fred Neiman must be laughing his ass off.

  2. Any victorious Republican said at 10:54 am on November 9th, 2015:

    in 2015 needs to heave a huge sigh of relief that they were up this year, rather than next.. now, Shaun supporters, keep your shirts on, these various critiques of the past two elections are NOT personal- they are factual: without a really intense, well- thought- out and well- funded, smart and months- long campaign plan for 2016, we could see historic losses with more unqualified lib Democrats, kicking out our incumbents, next year: it is clear the State Committee is ill- equipped to offer anything in terms of strategy OR monetary assistance: so, we have to go back to the adage: “all politics is local-” and I mean all local chairs and county committee members really need to step up and commit a lot if time and effort in each locality, and ” start at the bottom,” getting EVERY GOP vote out- that day- or the mess of this year will spread.

  3. Additionally, said at 11:09 am on November 9th, 2015:

    we cannot rely on Congressman Chris Smith to drag his incumbent support all the way down- ballot: he doesn’t serve enough of our county’s towns: and, any of us who have served years on the local election board or challenged for the party over years, can tell you, the Dem organization, often Union- driven and led, will drag out- and possibly compensate, (in some way, some think,) tons of low- info’s, who shuffle into the booth, press the button for the Dem Pres only, or sometimes maybe hit Pallone, and go down their column- and then our side has many more to get, to make up for this onslaught. As previously stated in another post- this current leadership had better start earlier, had better run more fundraisers of several tiers, and get back to intense Vote by Mail efforts, and local door-to- door especially in our “good” districts, or bad things can and will happen. – look, did anybody ever complain about getting too MANY votes?? Nope- but we sure have seen the crying,and wringing of hands, and gnashing of teeth, and blame- throwing,when we either come up short, or get blown out of the water!! Forewarned is forearmed: everybody loves a winner, and, once you start losing, there’s a better chance of several years of losing- and this county simply cannot afford that!

  4. Tell Me, Mr. Mazza said at 12:58 pm on November 9th, 2015:

    What “tough” campaign did John Bennett III ever run? Oh that’s right, he lost his Senate seat by 12 points in a safe district. Lost the 2 Assembly seats in the process too. When he was Chair…in 2012 Mr. Curley won by only about 10 points against a no name opponent and hapless Democratic organization. In 2013, the Christie wave, which produced a 70,000 vote plurality, held down the ticket as Mr. Golden, Mr. Arnone, and Ms. DiMaso won by a 2 to 1 margin. By what stretch of the imagination was that a “tough” election? In 2014, Mr. Rich and Ms. Burry were weak candidates with ZERO fundraising ability, plagued by ethical baggage. Not to mention Democrats from Camden to Essex to Hudson wheeled $600K in here to take them out. And the result, the campaign led by Mr. Golden was successful by a 10,000 vote margin. Since you don’t seem to have a grasp on how campaigns work, perhaps you should take your concerns to Assembly Leader Bramnick? HE chairs the Assembly campaigns, Shaun Golden chairs the County campaigns. Mr. Golden did not chair and/or manage the LD11 race. If he had done so, our Assemblywomen would have won out. Best to educate yourself before you speak

  5. @Walter Mazza said at 2:22 pm on November 9th, 2015:

    YES, better educate yourself before you open up your mouth and stick your foot in it. How dare you. But then, this is what happens with cry baby supporters of Bennet like G.P. and J.G. of Red Bank who just won’t give up on the attacks on Shaun Golden. BTW, at least have the courtesy to spell Golden’s first name correctly.

    Now, on to the important stuff. Golden won his races, the County races. He is not responsible for the legislative races, their own campaign staff handles those things. That’s why they maintain separate signage and campaign accounts.

    If you want to complain about turnout, why are you going after the Municipal Chairs in towns like Colts Neck or Tinton Falls; or that miserable effort in Neptune which didn’t even have candidates on the Republican Ballot. THOSE CHAIRS are the ones responsible for turnout in each of their towns.

    Spend SOME MONEY Walter? The Democrats through their union shills wheeled in a half of a million buckaroos in the last weeks, dare I say outspending the Republicans maybe like 10 to 1? That’s not some money.

    I wonder also if you bothered to volunteer to help. I doubt you did because if you did, you would have seen a huge effort on behalf of the county as far back as the summer with walking and phone calling efforts. You would have seen an even bigger effort the weekend before the election.

    So Walter, spare us your G.P. induced dribble and pap. You have no idea how big the campaign was because you and G.P where no where to be seen.

    The Monday Morning quarterbacks are just that, people who only show up to comment after the hard work is done.

  6. Tut tut tut, said at 4:28 pm on November 9th, 2015:

    Brian, and all the childish and overly- defensive Goldenites.. It appears it is you who are so twisted with your self- importance you never resist a chance to resort to name- calling and negativity.Those who can’t take any suggestions based on fact and result, are just doomed to eventually get defeated..only time will tell, for sure.. it is sad, that it is really you who weren’t/aren’t able to either win gracefully, play together like a team in the sandbox, or move on- it might surprise you to learn that many people you continue to defame and hate, have done other things,helped other candidates and other causes, have been successful, and are fine with it. So, have at it, kids- Enjoy!

  7. Longtime readers said at 5:30 pm on November 9th, 2015:

    of this and other blogs over the years have got to be confused and/ or amused, when a rational discussion gets re- routed back to a chasm people now in charge seem to want to perpetuate: what good, other than self- aggrandizement, does such behavior accomplish? One reads again and again how glad they were to be rid of the threatening and dreaded “Bennett supporters,” (an argument nearly two years old)-now, they complain, because some took their insulting, large hint, and willingly disappeared, either by working on other things, moving out of county,or out of state,in some cases? You can’t have it both ways, people- message clearly received: you’re the bright ones, who know and do it all perfectly,now- and, the party faithful and taxpayers expect nothing less than your continuing to hold the county, and do the right things to win back any losses!