Jay Coffey is Mayor-elect of Oceanport

Jay Coffey

Oceanport Mayor-elect Jay Coffey

Attorney John F. Coffey II received 949 of the 988 write-in ballots in the Oceanport election for mayor, according to Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon.  Incumbent Mayor Michael Mahon received 721 votes.

All machine and Vote By Mail ballots have been counted. There were 15 provisional ballots cast in Oceanport, which will be counted on November 9.   Jay Coffey is the Mayor-elect of Oceanport.

For Borough  Council, full-term, there were 807 write -in votes. Write-in candidate Cullin Wibble received a total of 694 votes. Candidates John A. Patti received 901 votes and Patricia Cooper received 843 votes.

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