Tangled web surrounds United’s aborted Atlantic City routes

assetContent (70)NEW YORK — Desperate to draw visitors to Atlantic City, New Jersey officials gave United Airlines more than $100,000 in incentives to fly to the seaside resort for at least a year. Then, when United abruptly canceled the money-losing routes eight months later, the officials appointed by Gov. Chris Christie decided not to enforce a contract…

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2 Comments on “Tangled web surrounds United’s aborted Atlantic City routes”

  1. "Christie's pet projects elsewhere in New Jersey" said at 2:20 pm on September 29th, 2015:

    Can anyone point me to these “pet projects”? Aside from someone spending a ton of money putting concrete and metal guard rails down the median of the length of I-195, to prevent the deer from crossing over the interstate, not much is being done around Jersey. Same old roads, old bridges, pot holes everywhere, not enough lanes on the major highways, no new highways or roads, no new bridges or tunnels, no new rail or bus services, no new parks all while tolls on the existing roads and bridge as well as bus and train fares continue to rise, “beach badge” fees and every other fee has increased, “Sandy” is still blamed for why the coastline looks a little like Mogadishu, crime in the major cities rages on, a heroin epidemic continues, illegal immigrants continue to burden legal residents and taxpayers with the cost of educating their offspring and providing their healthcare.

    Chris Christie will be written about for history classes worldwide, as the worst governor in the history of our entire nation for all time. Christie, the man who squandered an 80+% approval rating and has absolutely zero to show for his years in charge. Him and his administration have been nothing short of crooked, corrupt, incompetent, and uncaring.

  2. Well, not surprised, said at 8:19 pm on September 29th, 2015:

    their fares were outrageous!.. couldn’t touch them, each time I checked: it was a sad day when AirTran left AC: excellent service and reasonable fares..we are now stuck with Spirit, which is fslse-cheap, they charge for every little thing: and it’s such a convenient little alternative airport- hope it survives..it’s another shame, at the way AC has been left to fold, how the Lottery is now losing money,for the first time since his big “privatization,” and how they screwed up the chance for a cool Sportsbook- type betting industry, a win- win for the East coast, in AC.. why the heck we just can’t get anything right in NJ is long beyond me!!