Feds question $770K in Sandy costs in Asbury Park

assetContent (69)ASBURY PARK — A federal audit made public on Wednesday raises questions about more than $770,000 in grant funding Asbury Park spent after Hurricane Sandy, claiming the city did not provide sufficient evidence to support those costs. The city’s chief financial officer, however, said additional documentation has been filed that backs up that spending. The watchdog…

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4 Comments on “Feds question $770K in Sandy costs in Asbury Park”

  1. Tommy De Seno said at 9:06 am on September 24th, 2015:

    Here’s the question I always had about AP and Sandy.

    Sandy was October 2012.

    Asbury used their boardwalk, busy as can be, the whole next year I 2013. That included Zombie walk, complete with 30,000 people standing on it at one time.

    In 2014, the boardwalk was replaced due to “Sandy damage.”

    Was that boardwalk really unsafe and in need of replacement when it had that much use the year after Sandy?

  2. Could it be said at 9:26 am on September 24th, 2015:

    that the town has been “spoiled” by the continuous, over- enthusiastic pouring of money into that”distressed city,” that they don’t feel the need/ obligation to properly document and account for ALL our dollars that get sent there?? I,for one, am sick of the callous disregard, sense of entitlement, and disrespect of the millions of dollars taxpayers who don’t live there are forced to pour in there,to prop them up: will never understand how those municipal and school budgets can be so large, with so little result showing- one must wonder where the hell it all goes.. It was incumbent upon any entity which received Sandy,or any other dollars, to respect the largesse enough to do proper,simple accounting and justifications BEFORE the spigot of ( even theft of?) other peoples’ money is turned on. You want to know why your taxes are so high, thank places like Asbury, and unfortunately, many others!

  3. Jimmy Jones said at 7:59 am on September 27th, 2015:

    Come on guys—– this is Asbury we are talking about. The home of corrupt “thieves” running the government. How many have been indicted or gone to jail or “resigned”?

  4. For those of us said at 12:34 pm on September 27th, 2015:

    who have been around long enough to recall the vibrant glory days of that town, every new, so- called improvement, or new developers’ agreement with that place, always raises and dashes most hopes at every turn: a few condos and new businesses do not fix the basic, inherrant problems of the past 40-50 years, there: for example, per the prior poster’s opinion, many remember that, almost the moment the beautiful Mayfair a Theater was declared a national historic site, the corrupt mayor and administration at the time, made a stupid deal that just tore it down: they should have gone to jail, and that site is still a vacant lot, today. There are many examples one could research and site over the years that support the suspicion of continual poor deal- making- and, much un- accounted- for loss of millions$$,of all our dollars, with VERY little rebuilding/ positive improvement, in every category, to show for it! -Unless and until they are made to stop hiding behind the “poor-us,” “distressed city” excuses, we believe a renewed, accountable, vibrant Asbury will never come to pass, in our lifetimes, or ever!..