As FEMA deadline nears, push is on to reach fraud victims | Di Ionno

assetContent (64)Since March, when FEMA announced it would reopen claims for Sandy victims who believed they were short-changed by flood insurance carriers, there has been a concerted effort to get people on board. Meetings have been held in town halls, churches, backyards and banquet rooms. Information sessions have been hosted by politicians, law firms, nonprofits and privateā€¦

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2 Comments on “As FEMA deadline nears, push is on to reach fraud victims | Di Ionno”

  1. Stretch Armstrong said at 7:07 pm on September 13th, 2015:

    If there were 144,000 claims and only 12,000 asked for a review, then fraud was not widespread. Seems like people are pushing the widespread fraud concept and are pushing people to reopen their claim to prove that point. But common sense says that is backwards. If there was widespread fraud, the review request total would be pushing 100,000 and no one who thought they were defrauded would need coaxing to have their claim reopen. The reasons provided are not convincing.

  2. Sancho Panza said at 1:49 pm on September 14th, 2015:

    Maybe tens of thousands just threw up their hands and said the hell with it all. Many probably moved to other locales in other states with less BS and lower taxes.