Parkway rest stop gas station attendant robbed at gunpoint, police say

assetContentWALL — An unidentified gunman stole $3,000 in cash Saturday night from a gas station in a Garden State Parkway rest area near Exit 98, police said. The incident happened at 10:22 p.m. at the Sunoco gas station, said Sgt. First Class Gregory Williams, a State Police spokesman. Williams said the man took out a gun,…

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One Comment on “Parkway rest stop gas station attendant robbed at gunpoint, police say”

  1. Meanwhile in Wall said at 9:58 am on September 14th, 2015:

    Meanwhile, in Wall, at the time of the robbery there were 97 police officers on duty who were all too busy to prevent the crime as they were all stopping RealCrimes(TM) like people doing 67 in a 65, reporting to yet another traffic accident at the Rt138/Rt18 interchange, responding to 3 adults who are 20 years old that were drinking in their parent’s backyard, and a man walking his dog off-leash in an otherwise empty park.

    Just who does that gas station attendant think he is anyway? Why should he be served and protected when OTHER PEOPLE need to be harassed and fined? Go Wall PD, you guys do a great job collecting that revenue!