Rebate ‘Shell Game’ Makes It Hard to Track Property Tax Facts in New Jersey

 The average New Jersey homeowner paid $8,161 in property taxes last year, according to new data. Determining how much that number has risen is another matter. That’s in part because the Department of Community Affairs stopped publishing property tax rebate information in its annual town-by-town…

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2 Comments on “Rebate ‘Shell Game’ Makes It Hard to Track Property Tax Facts in New Jersey”

  1. Ira Spelvin said at 10:00 am on January 30th, 2015:

    Why would our State government eliminate previously public records and/or obscure them? Seems like somebody in the administration thinks there is something to hide. Hiding the truth about “lowering taxes” is especially useful to the Governor as he campaigns for President, or Vice President, or Attorney General, or whatever next job. Look for motive and opportunity to explain the BS. Nothing new here unfortunately. Shouldn’t have to leave the state to get an honest deal.

  2. Astraea said at 10:39 am on January 30th, 2015:

    There’s something wrong with the map; if you move the cursor over some of the towns, the wrong names pop up. For example, if you’re above Point Pleasant & move slightly north, there’s Wall Township .. but move slightly to the east where Brielle should be, and it pops up as Colts Neck! And just east of that, it shows as Seaside Heights!