Christie appointing emergency manager in Atlantic City, report says

assetContent (32)TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie will appoint an emergency manager to take over the troubled resort town’s daily operations, The Wall Street Journal reported early Thursday morning. The emergency manager position was one recommendation of an advisory commission formed by Gov. Chris Christie. The governor is expected to foamily announce the move Thursday during the third…

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2 Comments on “Christie appointing emergency manager in Atlantic City, report says”

  1. Rachel Alintoff said at 8:01 am on January 22nd, 2015:

    New Jersey needs more than just a “manager” to clean up the Family Court System which is brilliantly designed to bankrupt people and illegally take their children away. Governor Christie is well aware of the collusion and racketeering going on in Monmouth County, but has done absolutely nothing to clean it up. When children are involved, there is no excuse.


  2. Better late said at 9:24 pm on January 22nd, 2015:

    than never? But sadly, in the case of that town, it may be too late: with all the surrounding competition NJ needs to decide once and for all if we want the industry, and those employed by it, to survive. If a fraction of the monies from worthless programs, and a few less wasted Abbott dollars was channelled down there for, say a year or two, with the discussed tax breaks and loans for other entertainment businesses that might attract more families to the beach, then perhaps, a renaissance of sorts could begin: absent at least the attention that’s been directed to Camden, I fear that historic and lovely shoreline goes dark, for good, within 5 years. Nice job, gang, just when Miss America returns!- NJ’s timing just isn’t good, huh?