Lucas proceedings start this week

Andrew Lucas, center, then the Republican mayor of Manalapan, with then Freeholder John D'Amico and Amy Mallet, both Democrats, in September of 2010, seven months after Lucas purchased Burke Farm.

Andrew Lucas, center, then the Republican mayor of Manalapan, with then Freeholder John D’Amico and Amy Mallet, both Democrats, in September of 2010, seven months after Lucas purchased Burke Farm.

Jury selection is scheduled to start tomorrow in the case of the United States of America vs Andrew Lucas, according to a report in the Asbury Park Press.  The trial is scheduled to start on Monday, September 8.

The former Manalapan mayor was indicted in February on fraud charges for allegedly falsifying documents to obtain financing for the purchase of a 97 acre farm in the township. He later sold the development rights to that farm to New Jersey’s farmland preservation program for $1,158 million. After an exhaustive investigation, no charges were filed concerning the farmland preservation transaction, but the investigation led to alleged irregularities in Lucas’s financial records and documents provided to a lender and an investor in his acquisition of the land.

Lucas is looking forward to his trail.  His attorney, Mario F. Gallucci, told the app, “Andrew Lucas has been looking forward to this day. He finds it unfortunate that he has to defend what he believes were legal actions that he took, and he can’t wait for his day in court.”

If convicted on all 11 counts against him, Lucas, 37, could be sentenced to more than 60 years in federal prison.

Lucas has been subject to home detention and electronic monitoring since posting $500,000 bail in February.

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14 Comments on “Lucas proceedings start this week”

  1. Monmouth Girl said at 4:04 pm on September 2nd, 2014:

    I am sooooooo glad we got rid of those two corrupt dimocratic freeloaders and now have an all-Republican board that shot down the Lucas $$$$$ grab.

    Burry and Rich 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Burry and Rich???? said at 4:24 pm on September 2nd, 2014:

    Ummm, wasn’t it Burry that approved taxpayer funds be spent on the Lucas deal? Wasn’t it Curley that suggested she recuse herself on this vote–but chose to vote on it anyway—in favor of Lucas???


  3. Rich voted for the Purchase too!!! said at 4:26 pm on September 2nd, 2014:

    Gary and Burry—-purrrfect together! They should be ashamed of themselves on the Lucas Taxpayer Funded Land Grab!!

  4. DEM said at 4:27 pm on September 2nd, 2014:

    Hey Monmouth Girl go back on your meds.

  5. Middletown Tom said at 5:05 pm on September 2nd, 2014:

    Here come the Democrats to re-write the history about the Lucas-D’Amico-Mallet Land Deal!

  6. DEM said at 6:09 pm on September 2nd, 2014:

    @Middletown tom nice try but get your facts right.This was the Republican land deal that coast the taxpayers 1.2 million in a back room deal.

  7. Jim Granelli said at 6:39 pm on September 2nd, 2014:

    “Now There You Go Again,” as Ronald Reagan would say to a Democrat.

    Burry and Rich did NOT forge documentation on a mortgage application such as Lucas (allegedly) did.

    If anyone has proof otherwise, please proceed to the nearest Federal Courthouse and supply for information to the prosecutors of this trial. But, I would bet that you would never find such.

    So, please stop trying to taint two good candidates with erroneous info meant to distract voters.

    That said, I do think Monmouth Girl’s comment is ludicrous. The Board approved the purchase.

    HOWEVER that purchase is a separate transaction than the one for which Lucas is being tried. So, it does seem like the Democrats are indeed trying to use revisionist history for political gain.

    Such is a common occurrence for them, but what else can you do when you have nothing else to run on.

  8. One more time: said at 7:02 pm on September 2nd, 2014:

    This deal was fully vetted,over a period of years,by 3 levels of government,as part of the overall state farmland preservation program: how typical for desperate Dems to rewrite history, and try another attempt to poke an emotional stick into the voter cage, and stir them up for a reactive, negative vote- grab.. Their m.o. is so sad and transparent.. if it is proven the man screwed up in his personal finances, the LAW will take care of it!

  9. DEM said at 7:02 pm on September 2nd, 2014:

    And the Republicans would never do anything for political gain.There you go again making out your party to be saints.You jim may not think it is a issue but it is.Back room deals for political insiders is always a issues.

  10. You guys are said at 7:07 pm on September 2nd, 2014:

    so pathetic and disingenuous with your feigned moral outrage- the ONE year Dems controlled the county, the number of slimy back room deals were too many to list here! But, so like you all, to have such clarity for your misconceptions/ lies, and yet,such forgiveness of everything your people do!

  11. DEM said at 7:21 pm on September 2nd, 2014:

    I have forgiveness for anyone who made a mistake and ask for forgiveness. Name 3 back room deals and please don’t lie.This will play out in court not here.

  12. Jim Granelli said at 7:38 pm on September 2nd, 2014:

    It is NOT an issue when it has been fully vetted by “3 levels of government” as “One more time” said.


    Nor do Monmouth County voters believe it an issue, because the Democrats have played this issue almost exclusively, what three times now?

    And they still lost.

    Now DEM, this is your quote:

    DEM said at 12:42 pm on August 28th, 2014:

    Falsehood with no substance that’s what the Republicans out here stand for.The only one who for the most part who talks with facts is Jim G. I may not agree with him but he does. “at least Jim uses facts”

    WELL DEM, those are the facts. The deal was thoroughly vetted. And with all due respect, that you don’t agree with me or those facts is not our problem.

    And there is NO SUBSTANCE to the Democrat charges. So, who is being hypocritical here?

    Again, if you or anyone else has proof of a “back room deal,” “bring it.”

  13. @ DEM said at 8:40 pm on September 2nd, 2014:

    Cat got your tongue?

  14. Ok, this isn't new: said at 9:30 pm on September 2nd, 2014:

    Dumping the excellent emerg. mgm’t. guy to hire one of their running mates. Dumping the excellent and highly qualified human services head,because she was a Rep.. Bringing in their sleazy, No. Jersey attorneys who gave them money, but knew nothing about the county.. increasing the spending.. Putting the triple A rating at risk.. Making silly policies to make employees’ lives harder.. Creating the “gotcha” atmosphere/mentality, messing up morale and productivity..etc., etc..many people tired of it all rather quickly, as the next several election results prove..