Motocross tracks proposed in Tinton Falls


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A motocross facility with three tracks, two buildings, parking for 475 cars and 100 foot stadium style lights is being proposed for a 21 acre site off Shafto Road in Tinton Falls.

The application by Jersey Shore Motocross for use and bulk variances as well as site plan approval is scheduled for a public hearing before the Tinton Falls Zoning Board tomorrow, October 3, at 7:30 pm at the municipal building, 565 Tinton Ave.  The site is currently zoned for light industrial use.

Mayor Michael Skudera alerted thousands of Tinton Falls residents to the hearing in an email yesterday.  Skudera presented a summary of the proposal and did not take a position, pro or con, on the application.

Jersey Shore Motocross has been using social media to rally public support for their project.  The company’s facebook page had its first entry on September 15.  The page has 1,775 “likes”.  The company is encouraging its supporters to arrive one hour early to the hearing as they anticipate a large crowd.



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4 Comments on “Motocross tracks proposed in Tinton Falls”

  1. Wonder how this is sitting said at 7:55 pm on October 2nd, 2013:

    with their residents who are fine with ramming a motel and big drugstore on overcrowded Red Bank? I hear the mtgs. are colorful and becoming more heated! Good luck with this one!

  2. Just what we need said at 8:58 pm on October 2nd, 2013:

    Hey what’s the problem, we know what fine law-abiding guys and gals ride these bikes…

  3. I SEE STUPID PEOPLE said at 2:45 pm on October 4th, 2013:

    Just what we need, I see you like to profile people, let me guess you don’t care too much for people of the opposite color either. Your little comment about “Law-abiding” if far from off. I would advise you watch what you say, because I’m pretty sure you have some skeletons in your closet.

    To anyone reading this article, if you don’t like race cars, racetracks, or anything else with motors I only have one tip for you….


    This includes you

    Kevin O’Keefe!!!!! LOL see what I did there!!!

  4. Scott said at 4:39 am on October 17th, 2013:

    Guys. Its 800 ft from a nursing home an 1600 ft from a densely populated townhouse development. Just move on. Its nothing personal. You get to come and go as you like. We are stuck with it!!