Taxpayer Team for Tinton Falls Announces Slate for Borough Council

Ron Wollner, Don Michaels and Ken Asmar are Honored to be Running for Council to Represent all Tinton Falls Residents

TINTON FALLS, NJ—The Taxpayer Team for Tinton Falls filed petitions to run for the three open seats on the Borough Council for the November 5, 2019 General Election.  The team consists of three longtime Borough residents Ron Wollner, Don Michaels and Ken Asmar.

Tinton Falls municipal elections are non-partisan.

The guiding principles of the Taxpayer Team for Tinton Falls is to lower taxes, regulate spending, and promote smart growth to maintain the quality of life for all of the residents of Tinton Falls.

“Tinton Falls is a geographically diverse community spanning many exits on the Parkway, we intend to represent the best interests of all Borough residents whether on the North or South end of the Borough,” said Ron Wollner.

“After raising two children in our community, I know how great of a place Tinton Falls is to live and want to make sure that we maintain the quality of life that our children enjoyed while facing the challenges that continued growth brings to the community,” continued Don Michaels.

“As a longtime resident and local business owner in the Borough, I know firsthand the impact that the decisions of the Borough Council can have on all residents and our cost of living,” concluded Ken Asmar.

Ron Wollner and his wife Michelle have lived in Tinton Falls for over 30 years and have one son.  After Graduating from DeVry University with an Electronic Technician Degree, Ron co-founded Computer Data Source (CDS).  CDS started as a basement operation and now has over 120 employees and has been expanded into 5 countries.  Ron currently chairs the Economic Advisory Committee in Eatontown, where his business is located.

Don Michaels and his wife, Lori, have been Tinton Falls Residents for 26 Years.  They’ve raised two children who attended Tinton Fall’s schools.  Don is a Principle Software Engineer at AT&T where he has worked for 34 years.  For the last six years, Don has received the prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award that recognizes the important role of volunteers in America’s strength and national identity. This award honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action as well.  Don held the seat of President of the Monmouth/Ocean Girls’ Parochial Softball League for six years. He has Coached Recreational Softball and Basketball, was a coach at St. Jerome’s School for ten years and has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity.

Ken Asmar and his wife of 33 years, Christine, have been residents of Tinton Falls for nearly 30 years and have raised their two children in Tinton Falls. In 1993, Ken launched Asmar Custom Interiors which produces Cabinetry and Woodwork for residential and commercial clients. In 1997, Ken acquired Red Bank Cabinet Company on Shrewsbury Avenue in Tinton Falls.  His client list includes Radio City Music Hall as well as many other landmarks. His Museum mastery and expertise, which began after High School with the Brooklyn Museum, lead to the creation of his newest company, Museum Services and Products, which serves museums, art galleries as well as corporate and private collectors including the 9/11 Memorial in NYC and the Smithsonian.

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2 Comments on “Taxpayer Team for Tinton Falls Announces Slate for Borough Council”

  1. Name (required) said at 8:53 am on September 6th, 2019:

    As a resident if Tinton Falls since the age of 7,I resent how this borough turned my street into an alley. We are surrounded by businesses that have tractor trailers making deliveries all time of the day. Destroying our peace as well as our property. I don’t believe you mean what you say. Strangers parking all day and well into the night! You will do as the others make promises you have no intentions of keeping ! Anything to win the vote. Councils before you made the same promise, then proceeded to allow business owners to do what they want with no regards to the wishes or concerns on the residents. Shrewsbury Ave is a nightmare 20 hours a day
    . It a nightmare

  2. Phyllis Stafford said at 9:27 am on September 6th, 2019:

    I have lived in Tinton Falls before it became Tinton Falls. 62 years.I have watched with chagrin how my street turned into an alley. We are surrounded by business who receive deliveries on a daily basis. Blocking many of us from our homes. Strange cars parked daily for well over 20 hours a day. Discarding their trash on our property. Difficulties receiving the services our taxes pay for. They park on our leaves and branches being put out for pick up. Many times not getting removed for weeks. Always having to call Public Works to get the services our taxes pay for. We have not had proper street cleaning in years! It’s unsafe to attempt to leave Peach Street, with a restaurant blocking our vision on Clover Street with its seaweed . Making it dangerous . Cherry Street is a dangerous street to exit from because of the horrendous traffic on Shrewsbury Ave. Now we have a Quick Check, opened 24 hours a day. There goes our peace. I have learned that promises are made and never kept. The borough council does not care about the north side , If you did you would not be changing Hance Avenue. I recognize any promise is made to be elected. Once elected you like those before you will only thumb your noses at us, because we do live in 500,000$ homes. We were the original ones who brought in the others , you will kowtow down to. I’ve seen it before and it will happen again. It’s like the father built the business and the sons and grandsons destroy it. You are killing those of us with less money and power for those who are richer with more clout! Thank you but no thanks!