How is Cory Booker Different From Chris Christie?

In addition to their diets:

1) Chris Christie put criminals in prison. Cory Booker put criminals up in his house.

2) Chris Christie embraced Obama, but campaigned against him.  Cory Booker was nauseated by Obama, but campaigned for him.

3) Chris Christie did not apologize for embracing Obama.  Cory Booker apologized for being nauseated by Obama.

4) Chris Christie has 400,262 twitter followers.  Cory Booker has 1,417,546 twitter followers.

5) Chris Christie is a Thunder Roads scholar.  Cory Booker is a Rhodes scholar.

6) Chris Christie frolicked on the beach with his family.  Cory Booker danced with Dr. Oz.

7) The Boss is Chris Christie’s friend. Cory Booker has an imaginary friend.

Add to the list in the comments…

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One Comment on “How is Cory Booker Different From Chris Christie?”

  1. another said at 3:54 pm on September 17th, 2013:

    Chris Christie had Barbara Gonzalez of the BTPG over for dinner and supports Tea Party ideals. Cory Booker will raise Barbara Gonzolez’s taxes, take her guns away, hide men with blue helmets in her trees and practice Sharia law.