Weiner Called His Interns “Monica”

Early in his New York City mayoral campaign, former Congressman Anthony Weiner gathered his twenty interns into his private office for an introduction.

Olivia, not Monica, Nuzzi

Olivia, not Monica, Nuzzi

“I always say that on every campaign, there are one or two volunteers who really make a difference,” he began. (There were roughly twenty of us in the room.) “So I just want to let you know that no task is too small, and the work you’re doing is important and it is appreciated.” He continued to speak for a few minutes, reiterating this point over and over.

“Okay!” Weiner said loudly, though not enthusiastically. “I’m going to go around the room now and ask you your name and a fact about yourself, and then I’m going to go back around and repeat your name to you.” A member of the campaign staff looked on, nervously. “I’m great at this,” Weiner said.

The Weiner proceeded to listen to the interns names and facts and then went back around the room and called the first tw0¬†women “Monica” and gave up.

“We all laughed nervously. Monica is an interesting intern name to pick out of the air. (Weiner’s wife, we should remember, works for Hillary Clinton.),”¬†wrote former MMM columnist Olivia Nuzzi in a piece for her current gig at NSFWCorp.

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  1. He has always been said at 7:48 am on July 25th, 2013:

    an arrogant, self-absorbed, nasty,little wise guy- when he was in Congress, he was fresh to the press and audiences, disrespectful to his staff, and colleagues, and was/ is the classic example of a lib elitist: do what I command, not what I do.. if the people of New York put this guy in as mayor, we can look forward to a slow decline into, say, another Detroit or Chicago- he’ll be too busy pretending to be a stud with strangers to pay attention to, God forbid, another terrorist attack or other disaster..this psycho needs to get ongoing, intense therapy and go try and get a job, since he’s never really had one.. Disgusting example of how little America is starting to respect itself, and how low the bar is that they will accept any jerk with name id and headlines,as one of their “leaders”.