Peters: If you think things are great in Monmouth County, DON’T VOTE–STAY HOME

Dan Peters: if you're happy and you know it, don't vote!

Dan Peters: if you’re happy and you know it, don’t vote!

If you think Monmouth County is a great place to live, Bayshore Tea Party backed Sheriff Candidate Dan Peters doesn’t want you to vote in the primary on June 4, a week from today.

In a bizarre blog post on Middletown Patch, Peters, a former Middlesex County police officer collecting a disability pension and a former salesman for a red light camera company, said,

“If you think things are great here in Monmouth County then don’t vote — stay home. If you KNOW things can be better and want better vote for line 3. We are tea party approved!”

Voter suppression is the new credo of the Tea Party?

Peters is making his third attempt to direct the Sheriff’s Office, since he moved to Monmouth County. He withdrew his 2007 candidacy because he did not qualify under the three year residency requirement. Maybe the next time he runs, the Black Panthers will support him.

Peters said that the “sheriff’s department” (it is actually called the “Sheriff’s Office”) has not had a change in leadership in 25 years.

“The sheriff’s department has had the same leadership for over twenty five years. As a matter of fact until recently there has not been a Sheriff in Monmouth County that had any police or public safety experience. In that time there has been no change in its direction or vision.”

When he withdrew his 2007 candidacy due to not meeting the residency requirement, Peters called the “department” a “premier law enforcement agency.”

Our vision is clear for safety and security here in Monmouth County and enabling the Sheriffs Department to continue being a premier law enforcement agency.

In fact, Monmouth County has had four sheriffs in the last 33 years. William Lanzaro was elected in 1980 and served through 1995 after being defeated by Joe Oxley in the Republican primary.  Oxley, a former prosecutor, declined to seek a fifth term in 2007 as a protest over the direction then Monmouth GOP Chairman Adam Puharic was leading the Party. Oxley went on to replace Puharic as chairman a year later.

Kim Guadagno, then a Monmouth Beach Commissioner and a former federal prosecutor, was nominated by the GOP and elected to replace Oxley.  Current Sheriff Shaun Golden was named Acting Sheriff by Governor Chris Christie after Guadango became Lt. Governor.  Golden defeated Peters in the 2010 GOP primary and was elected to his own full term.

'Queen' Barbara Gonzalez, via facebook. Click for larger view

‘Queen’ Barbara Gonzalez, via facebook. Click for larger view

Bayshore Tea Party Group co-founder Barbara Gonzalez was supportive of Peters when asked for comment.

“I wish that people would be more informed….I wonder how many voted for ‘provolone’ I think his statement was meant with that thought process…they vote for the Party not the person. If they were more informed about certain things about their incumbent representatives, they would…or should, vote them out.”

Peters’ running mate, State Senate Candidate Leigh-Ann Bellew, did not respond to a request for comment.

Sheriff Shaun Golden was not surprised that Peters would ask people not to vote.

“Dan would love for informed voters to stay home, as he really hasn’t divulged his background,” Golden said, “Where did he grow up? What high school did he attend and where did he attend college?  What type of Law Enforcement disability did he retire from? How is going to receive payment for the top Law Enforcement job when he his collecting a police and fire pension? What was his role in the investigated red light camera company?”

“All good questions informed voters would like to know,” said Golden as he touted his record. “The choice is clear.”

Peters did not respond to a request for comment.


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34 Comments on “Peters: If you think things are great in Monmouth County, DON’T VOTE–STAY HOME”

  1. More Dirty Tricks said at 8:49 am on May 28th, 2013:

    First, they tried to pay volunteers by offering legal and accounting services. Then, they went to Democrats for money. Now this attempt at voter suppression?

    How low can you go BSTPG? You approved a guy who supports voter suppression? The wheels not only fell off the bus, but it hit the guardrail, flipped over and careened down a cliff.

    This is just more signs of desperation. No wonder you guys can’t raise any campaign money. You are insulting.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  2. Maybe Sheriff Golden Should Answer Questions said at 8:53 am on May 28th, 2013:

    1. What did he know and when did he know that his former boss fudged a job title to permit a high-ranking sheriff’s officer to receive both a salary and a pension? (as the number two person in the sheriff’s office, he either knew or should have known the pension status of his bureau chiefs)

    2. Why did Golden maintain this particular officer in the phony, non-existent position of “chief warrant officer,” for 13 months, while Golden was “acting sheriff.”

    3. Why did he “promote” this individual giving him a $6000.00 pay raise for essentially doing the same job he did prior to the “promotion.”

    4. Why did he permit his public information officer a “take-home” vehicle, when she lives 4 miles from her place of employment–then suddenly pull the car when I questioned this?

    5. Why is Golden unable to state how much revenue (after expenses) the county received from the federal prisoner agreements?

    6. Why does Golden refuse to talk about the Watchdog report revealing the explosive, embarrassing revelations of his department?

    7. Why did Golden lie to an audience at the County Library, that I paid to have a large group of people attend one of his debates back in 2010?

    I would like some questions answered also. Art, would you be so kind to relay my questions to Mr. Golden? When he stops lying about me, I will stop telling the truth about him.

    Jim Sage

  3. monmouth girl said at 9:17 am on May 28th, 2013:

    We do think things are good! But I wont stay home and not vote – I am voting to make sure that you whackos dont win. GOLDEN, ARNONE & DiMASO ALL THE WAY!!!!


  4. Shore Guy said at 9:24 am on May 28th, 2013:

    I cant wait for election day so we can stop hearing from Undersheriff Sage!

    What he is really asking is why can’t he have a take home car? Why didn’t he get a raise?

    Vote for Shuan Golden – it is the only way to keep Jim Sage out the Sheriff’s Department.

    Do we really want THAT guy carrying a gun!?

  5. @shoreguy said at 9:27 am on May 28th, 2013:

    LOL Shoreguy…THAT guy has been carrying a gun since the current Sheriff was 10 years old.

    And quite proficient at it too, lol

    Jim Sage

  6. Conservative for Shaun Golden said at 9:52 am on May 28th, 2013:

    Why won’t Dan Peters answer questions from his constituents about him collecting disability from his time as a police officer in South Amboy? If he is unable to work as a police officer, how can he be county sheriff?

  7. Shore Guy said at 9:56 am on May 28th, 2013:

    So that’s how you got all those people on the bus from Brooklyn to protest a drug addict killing himself.

    You talk about yourself in the Third Person?

  8. @jim sage said at 10:02 am on May 28th, 2013:

    So, if you paid people to attend wouldn’t one think that they would speak your talking points?

    And then, that you had to pay people to attend tells a sordid story as well

    Jim Granelli

  9. @Jim Granelli said at 10:08 am on May 28th, 2013:

    Jimmy boy, your swallowing the Kool-Ade. I did not pay people to attend any event. And the people I am accusing of “bussing” in from Brooklyn–never spoke. Get your facts straight!

    The only liar is your boy, Shaun Golden! BTW: Art forwarded me your “resume.” It’s not a resume–it’s a bunch of “attaboys” from your prior political hack functions.

    Send me your or Art, a RESUME! One that has work history and educational background.

  10. @Shoreguy said at 10:10 am on May 28th, 2013:

    “Third person?” I said “I”

  11. @@jim Granelli said at 10:18 am on May 28th, 2013:

    Jim, I have to apologize (hey, when I’m wrong, I’m wrong) I re-read what I wrote and it looks like “I paid” to have people attend the Sheriff debate at the county library. I did not pay anybody to be there. Sheriff Golden lied by telling the audience in fact I did.

    I do apologize.

  12. Helene said at 11:48 am on May 28th, 2013:

    Art, why do you keep writing this crap? Dan has responded to your inquiries. You do not include his response in your post. You are not fair you are only biased.

  13. Art Gallagher said at 12:08 pm on May 28th, 2013:


    Dan made that post on Patch on Saturday. I sent him a text this morning asking for an explanation. He did not respond.

    Barbara, to her credit, did respond. I published what she said.

  14. @Sage said at 12:25 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    If I misread your post on my smart phone, my apologies. But you got all that you need to know. That you can’t accept the word of 30 or so people is sad.

    If it’s not good enough, here’s your favorite phrase because some people are NEVER happy



  15. Helene said at 12:34 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    Art, you have been told his position in the past. Why should anyone have to tell you or your troll friends their position on the issues repeatedly? Why would anyone jump to respond to your text? You think way too highly of yourself.

  16. @@Granelli said at 12:49 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    You gave me something I didn’t ask for….typical politician!


  17. @JS said at 12:57 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    I am NOT a politician. I NEVER ran for office. Nor do I intend to.

    You asked for credentials. I gave them to you. I worked 35 years in sales and one on one customer service. I know BS & blowhards when I see it. Guess what, I’m looking at it every time you write.

    So, again; choke on what I sent your or not, I don’t frackin’ care. You will never be happy with anything or anyone that does not swallow your tripe. And that is a bad way to go through life. But then, that is NOT my problem to fix, it’s yours. People that go through life like you & Helene tend to have more heart attacks and strokes.

    Wait for it, Helene will accuse me of making a threat…

    I don’t wish that on anyone. Me, I’m happy.

    So again,



  18. Middletowner said at 2:34 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    This is the same group that about a month ago, on Facebook (the East Jersey Tea Party page) was asking for unfriendly posts to be removed, and when challenged by another commenter in regards to free speech, they said it doesn’t apply in this case because they just don’t like those postings.

    Voter suppression, free speech suppression, what else?

  19. @Middletowner said at 6:01 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    Beware absolutists, especially if the know nothing. It’s their way or the highway. This is what gives the Tea Party a bad name. They blow every bit of good will that could be earned.

  20. Helene said at 7:51 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    @JCG, you’re a eunuch, therefore missing a body part & wouldn’t dare threaten me. Not alone anyway.

  21. @Helene said at 9:20 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    You are one sick freak. Go take your meds. Seriously, all you do is have hate in your cold heart. You can’t even take a joke

    Get over yourself, you ain’t that important.

    I just can’t wait to hear your whines though on June 5th, complaining about hit men.


  22. Helene said at 9:30 pm on May 28th, 2013:

    @JCG wow you can’t wait to hear me whine? And you are calling me a sick freak. You are also the one who was pushing you resume on me, which of course was not resume.

  23. @Helene said at 6:31 am on May 29th, 2013:

    Whatever you cranky crone.

    Yes, you will whine and I will enjoy it. That’s a hell of a lot different than calling someone a eunuch time and time again. That’s a sickness. You are indeed a scornful and hateful person.

  24. Politicalpony said at 7:12 am on May 29th, 2013:

    Seems like there is a lot of mis-reading going on in here “lol”.

    Art, did you mis-read anything? Or just mis-understand Peters remark concerning people who think things are fine in the county, don’t need to go out and vote.

    It looked to me as if Peters was daring people to get out and vote. You know, daring them to go out and practice their civic duty.

    Nothing like a good ole misinterpretation eh? Just twist it around to fit what ever you like? With this sort of nonsense, you’ll make the big time mainstream/Lame-stream media in no time.

    Jim Sage, I like your list of things too ask Sheriff Golden. I have one more question to add to it.

    8. Will he publicly denounce the state Senate and Assembly’s action if they vote in favor of trampling on our 2nd amendment rights any farther than they already have?

  25. Helene said at 7:59 am on May 29th, 2013:

    He was asked that question, he will ask the sheriff organization what he should say & do.

  26. GOLDEN HAS TO BE ASKED THOSE QUESTIONS!! said at 9:40 am on May 29th, 2013:

    C’mon Art, we’re running out of time. It’s time to ask Golden the questions from above. Or, is “Silence GOLDEN?”

    Jim Sage

  27. Broken record! said at 5:55 am on May 30th, 2013:

    Toss it! What a haunt- enough!

  28. Toss it? You gotta be kidding me!!!! said at 8:36 am on May 30th, 2013:

    That would be a little convienant for someone, don’t you agree? What I want tossed is Shaun Golden!

    And getting back to my seven questions, after receiving some phone calls, I have two more to add:

    #8. Mr. Golden, since your department is currently implicated in a pension controversey, will you seek an independent investigation for those implicated in this fraud?

    #9. If someone is held culpable for receiving pension funds that they were otherwise not entitled to, would you have that person reimburse the pension fund?

    #10 Would you consider terminating those that knew about the fraud, but kept silent? If not, why not?

    Jim Sage

  29. More Questions said at 4:19 pm on May 30th, 2013:

    I have **TWO** more questions I want Mr. Golden to answer and I want them answered IMMEDIATELY!

    #11 How can I turn lead into gold?

    #12 If I did turn lead into gold, would you seek an independent investigation into the process?

    #13 Would you consider the lead, or is it gold now, legal currency?

    Jim Sage

  30. @more questions said at 5:12 pm on May 30th, 2013:

    Look at you. Your writings sound desperate and pathetic–is the race that desperate too? I did not write that and I’m sure Art could verify that.


  31. Just Note Sage said at 8:48 pm on May 30th, 2013:

    That was not me, so no piling on.

    I’m just sitting on the sidelines waiting till Wednesday to say “no one cares, it’s not an issue.” 🙂

    Jim Granelli

  32. Thanks Jim! said at 10:31 pm on May 30th, 2013:

    It’s probably the first time I thanked you.


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  34. Captain Freedom said at 1:49 pm on June 2nd, 2013:

    If you want to make sure that common sense solutions are made by our elected officials, don’t vote for the establishment Republicans in the primary.

    Vote for the candidates who you know where they stand. Smaller government, lower taxes, protecting our Constitutional rights.

    Vote for the Tea Party approved candidates!