Signs of Intelligent Life in the Trenton GOP

gibbsslapTwo weeks ago MMM gave the Trenton GOP a head slap over their idiotic strategy of trying to pick up seats in the Legislature by running against Corzine Democrats.

Evidently, someone heard us.

The Assembly Republic Victory Fund is paying PolitickerNJ to run their video, The New Republicans-Coming to a Voting Booth Near You

Call that a good first step.  But it’s far from a winning strategy.

Lowering taxes in not a New Republican message.  If lowering taxes would win over the voters in districts the Assembly Republican leadership is targeting, they would have won those districts in 2009 or 2011.

Since MMM didn’t get any of those advertising dollars wasted at PolitickerNJ, or even an angry phone call after the first head slap, we’re torn over giving too much more away.   We want the Republicans to take control of the Legislature, if for no other reason than to see if Governor Christie really does turn Trenton upside down if given a real opportunity to do so.  But two things are holding us back; 1) Democrats are reading MMM, just as they are reading PoltickerNJ, and 2) we need to eat as much as the folks at PolitickerNJ and your idiotic consultants do.

Nevertheless, here’s some more free advice for my friends in Trenton.

For New Republican ideas, talk to Caroline Casagrande about her pro-women, pro-jobs, pro-business ideas.

Maria Rodriguez-Gregg is much more than a pretty Latina Honey Bee. She has a lot more in common with the voters that need to be won over than most Republicans do. Listen to Maria.

John Campbell, Jr seems like a sharp young man.  Have him introduce you to some Black people who don’t own suits.

Stop wasting your money advertising on venues that the voters and donors you’re targeting don’t view.

Most importantly get out of Trenton and Westfield and visit the districts you think you can win.  Listen.


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3 Comments on “Signs of Intelligent Life in the Trenton GOP”

  1. The Question Is said at 10:22 am on May 10th, 2013:

    Will The BSTPG attack them or the Democrats

    Ugly McNasties

  2. The audio is off said at 10:38 am on May 10th, 2013:

    the audio and video do not match up at the end of the ad

  3. Well, I guess I'd say said at 10:56 am on May 11th, 2013:

    it’s about time, although I wish I believed it was less about themselves and their personal aggrandizement and perpetuation, of any of them running, in any given year.. as Republicans, the moment we lessen our adherence to the basic principles of individualism, freedom, capitalism, less government control and less over-taxation, we become as selfish, socialistic and wrong as the other side continues to be.. So, when any group says they are “new,” what they should say/mean is: we are back to saying and doing what we should have, all along: and, either you buy that and will fight or it, or we continue to devolve into the pit of less freedom and more taxation and gov’t control of every aspect of our lives, no matter how many explanations or phrases about “fairness” get thrown around!