Democrats win their largest N.J. Assembly majority in 36 years

IMG_2800TRENTON — Democrats tightened their control of the state Assembly in Tuesday’s elections, wresting three seats away from a Republican party ruled by Gov. Chris Christie, a presidential candidate whose popularity has dropped at home. It means Democrats will control 51 seats in the 80-seat lower house as of January — their biggest majority since 1979.…

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5 Comments on “Democrats win their largest N.J. Assembly majority in 36 years”

  1. The state GOP said at 9:25 am on November 4th, 2015:

    is a joke: it shows how the ” Bramnick bunch” vs. the “Guadagno gang,”for the 2017 gubernatorial nomination, has created yet another party chasm, which made them even more impotent, in both unity and fundraising: they are like the national GOP: often too busy worrying about being”too conservative,” trying to have it all sides,and standing for little, and defeating each other, for control. It is also noteworthy that the Dems never win here on positive ideas, but rather Union-goon paid turnout, and millions of dollars in personally negative attacks on the Reps: like Mary Pat’s living, and make no mistake: it’s a lot about the lib women getting their free abortions: pro-life candidates are being destroyed by the Planned Parenthood creeps, and we will see much more of this next year, since it obviously worked. With our being the highest- taxed state,with dismal employment stats,and far too many on public assistance, all these lib feminists care about is their “healthcare,” like little brats, which really means abortion- read the expensive literature the Dems put out, especially in 11- look, it’s legal, do what you want, but stop making taxpayers, many of whom don’t support it, pay for your “right” to kill your baby: YOU pay for it! – And, let’s move on, to how the hell we can afford to stay in this ridiculous state!

  2. Jim said at 10:13 am on November 4th, 2015:

    The NJ Legislature is much better off without Mary Pat Angelini and Caroline Casagrande.

    Mary Pat Angelini foolishly claimed that New Jersey’s medical marijuana law “would legally allow high school seniors to walk around carrying 240 joints.” The people of New Jersey deserve smart people in the Legislature. Mary Pat Angelini is not a smart person.


    Caroline Casagrande’s ethics leave a lot to be desired. Casagrande accepted a free trip to Israel from a Jewish organization that very much seeks to influence the political process. It is sleazy and unethical for elected officials to accept lavish gifts from those who are trying to influence them. The residents of New Jersey deserve people of character in their Legislature. Caroline Casagrande is not an ethical person.


  3. Wow, said at 10:45 am on November 4th, 2015:

    how unusual: elected officials on either side traveling to other places! -Never happened before!- And, Mary Pat speaks from her personal job experience, seeing how easily kids especially,drift from pot to cocaine to heroin- it’s destroying so many lives- and much of the economy!..I heartily disagree about their sincerity and integrity as leaders, and am very sad she and Caroline will be replaced by an urban mayor who has no clue about the rest of the district’s needs, and another lib lady lawyer- ugh!- And yes, watch 2017 for Jen, she will face a rough ride, maybe Mary Pat and Caroline could/should come back as the running mates-it was a good team,until they got in the crosshairs: the Dem fight for governor, Sweeney vs Fulop -will cost them some money that they might not again dump into 11- and, ps, a couple of freeholders might be well-advised to stay where they are…

  4. Scared for NJ said at 1:26 pm on November 5th, 2015:

    The Election:

    1) The 11th District, redrawn by a Democrat to make it more Democratic (10,000 more registered democrats).

    2) An ultra-low voter turnout year (only 20% voted)

    3) The DC-based General Majority PAC (founded and run by Democrat Nevada Senator Harry Reid’s Chief of Staff) and North Jersey Democrat leaders shoveled more than 4 MILLION DOLLARS of UNION MONEY into the race.

    4) Mud-Slinging lies and libelous advertisements saying Asmw. Mary Pat Angelini “took” money from her non-profit and the government.

    5) Democrats blaming Republicans for the tax mess in NJ when they have controlled the government for 15 years.

    The Result:

    1)Dems get 350 more (total) votes.

    2) Unions, out-of-state PACs and special interest groups decide how we live our life in Monmouth County.

    It’s our own fault for letting them do it. Just make out a check payable to IBEW/Newark/Detroit now because you will have to mail it in soon. Houghtaling and Downey will repay the unions and freeloaders with MORE of your money.

  5. Some blame said at 8:11 pm on November 5th, 2015:

    has to be placed at the Rep state committee:- “Scared”is right, but this group is so totally out of reality, it is likely the party is now dead for the rest of our lifetimes, here.. Either the clueless state committee gets beyond the Christie debacle years, and really tries to stand for and promote, as a team, real tax relief and business incentives, to keep actual producers here,or we will wind up a small, broke, haven for illegals and welfare recipients, like California, once the 10th largest economy in the world! Either we are a viable alternative that produces better lives for our weary taxpayers, or the last producers leave, and the lying Dems will rule, forever!