Debate Challenge: Kyrillos vs Bellew

Bayshore Tea Party Group co-founder Barbara Gonzalez pinning Sen. Joe Kyrillos

Bayshore Tea Party Group co-founder Barbara Gonzalez pinning Sen. Joe Kyrillos

MMM has challenged State Senator Joe Kyrillos to accept Leigh-Ann Bellew’s debate challenge if Bellew produces documentation of the law degree and undergraduate degree she told us she earned.  MMM publisher Art Gallagher offered to moderate the debate.

Kyrillos laughed at the idea, but has not agreed.  He didn’t decline either.

Gallagher called Bellew for Senate campaign manager Dwayne Horner to issue the challenge. Horner has yet to call back.  A Bayshore Tea Party member who asked not to be named agreed to extend to the challenge to Bellew.

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23 Comments on “Debate Challenge: Kyrillos vs Bellew”

  1. Middletown Conservative said at 3:41 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    Art Gallagher is the biggest pompus you know what there is in the Bayshore area.

    Sure he “will agree to moderate,” gee sounds like another Candy Crowley event doesn’t it. Art, whose in the tank for the Republican establishment, is going to be “fair” when his blog has been one big attack machine to help Kyrillos.

    What a joke!

  2. Charles M said at 3:49 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    @Middletown Conservative lol my friend you are a joke. Art has been very fair! I have been wanting to stay out of this race, but after today and all the BS I have seen, I don’t think I can any more.

  3. Cupid said at 4:55 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    Oh, the love in that picture….

  4. Gee Charles, Fair is subjective said at 4:59 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    Really, Charles, Fair? Hmmm,

    So he calls Joe K distinguished, yet Joe K votes for laws that kill babies. He says Joe isn’t a tax and borrower, but Joe K has voted for higher taxes and increased debt.

    If Art is “fair,” why hasn’t he written articles about Joe K’s record?

    Here’s a good idea, Art, why don’t you make the following deal: Joe K has to reveal his W-2s and 1099’s in order to be part of a debate, what is he hiding? Why can’t we know the source of his income?

    Fair, you’re the joke Charles. Just part of that Monmouth GOP establishment pawning off a tax and borrow baby killing liberal as a Republican.

  5. Nicely Played said at 5:02 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    Mr. Gallagher. Both get to face the issues this way. But, I would step aside as moderator.

    Thankfully, that’s the only point I agree with @Middletowner Conservative on. Talking about a pompous you know what, Middletowner must be looking in the mirror.

    Art made a creative play to get past the covering up of Bellew, and get us to the issues. The ball is now in Bellew’s court. Put up or shut up. And, I hope Joe explains the facts on the advertisement portrayed in this post; so that he can level Bellew and end this.

    Nicely Played,

    Silence Dogood, Redux

  6. You know said at 5:09 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    I just looked at Bellew’s Senate Facebook page. A WHOLE 27 likes…

    Seems like that’s a far cry from 83% of people voting for her.

    And the only news there is a constant drum roll asking people to celebrate her birthday by donating. Sad

  7. Why the Quid-pro-quo?? said at 5:09 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    Let’s just have a debate–period!

  8. Pseudo Journalist said at 5:19 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    Art, why haven’t you provided the readers with a copy of your Degree in Journalism?

    I think once you show proof that you attended a University and received a degree in Journalism – you should stop your self promotion and apologize for your actions. Do you know the definition of a hypocrite? You should, they have your picture in the dictionary.

  9. Answering Quid-pro-quo & Silence whatever said at 5:29 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    Good Question, QPQ, the answer is Joe Kyrillos will never agree to a debate. He has far more relevant questions to answer:

    1. Why did you vote to increase our debt in the state by 2.8 Billion and mortgaging our future like Obama does?

    2. Why did you vote yourself a pay raise when your income (much of which is very questionable) is so high and the ordinary citizen can’t do that?

    3. Why did you raise our taxes, why do you believe in wealth redistribution?

    4. Why did you vote for infanticide? Why do you think it is a good idea to grow fetuses in the womb only to kill them minutes before, how is that being pro-life? You say you don’t know where life begins, why are you so adamant about knowing when you want life to end?

    5. Why do you hang out with convicted sex offenders?

    6. How do you earn your income, tell us about Pharmacia Corp, hich had benefited from more than $30 million in state grants from the Kyrillos-sponsored Business Employment Incentive Program.

    7. Why did you support a bailout of the horse-racing industry, which had donated $5,000 to his campaign and $13,400 to the Republican State Committee, which he chaired.

    let’s get him to answer these questions before a debate! Put up or shut up Joe!

    Oh, and Silence, the voters would love to see Joe answer why he voted for infanticide & human cloning – explaining his vote for S1909.

  10. Nobody needs said at 5:46 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    a journalism degree to write a blog.

    Now as to a few of the questions posed by the last idiot.

    7. Ah, because horse racing in NJ is a big money industry

    5. Prove that Joe ACTUALLY hung out with Peters.

    6. You call yourself a conservative, so what’s wrong with Joe earning money. Oh, the big pharmacy buy off you say?

    Again, another BIG NJ industry that employes thousands of residents. You want to kill it off or not help it with the substantial money needed to bring drugs to the market place?

    Whatta fool tool of Babs and Bellew.

    Silence you fool.

    When will you get it through your head that industry donates to candidates that will support your causes.

  11. BTW said at 5:48 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    Interesting photo attached to this post. Babs pinning Joe. I guess at some time they were friends, like when he paid their rent. So, Babs MUST have known his record and yet supported him and took his money.

    What a hypocritical dilettante she is.


  12. Charles M said at 5:56 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    @Gee Charles, Fair is subjective
    “Fair, you’re the joke Charles. Just part of that Monmouth GOP establishment pawning off a tax and borrow baby killing liberal as a Republican.”

    How did you know my secret that I’m part of the “evil” establishments.

    Because passing pension reform and a property tax cap and fighting for parental notification of abortions are horrible evil liberal things…….

    And you are so cowardly you can’t even use your real name!

  13. Hey Charles said at 6:05 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    Ever notice the hate coming from these wack jobs in the BSTP. You would think they learned this from Obama.

    Maybe, after they lose big on primary day; we can sweep the house of them and rebuild the BSTPG with people who are not narcissists and looney toons.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  14. Nicole S. said at 6:09 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    Leave Charles alone. He is an honest kid who works his butt off to get good people with conservative ideals elected. I’m sure all you do is sit at your computer and bitch.

  15. Jim Sage said at 6:15 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    Charles is one of the finest and honest people I know of.

  16. OMG said at 6:32 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    Is there a full moon this week? I have now agreed with BOTH Sage & English in the same week.


  17. Justified Right said at 6:56 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    I’d not only be happy to moderate, I’m pretty sure both sides would agree to me.

    I’d treat each with dignity and respect.

  18. Art Gallagher said at 7:02 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    I’m not at all attached to moderating the debate. Tommy would be a good choice.

  19. John Dean said at 7:42 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    If I didn’t know better, one might think this is a picture of a wedding between Joe and Barbara being performed by Mayor Fiore.

  20. Charles M said at 7:53 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    Thank you guys!

  21. Bob English said at 11:08 pm on May 6th, 2013:

    I’ll agree with Jim and I’ll agree with OMG but my agreement is limited to their kind remarks regarding Charles.

  22. Joe D. said at 6:43 am on May 7th, 2013:

    This is frightening stuff — grown adults posting some of this non-sense. Why would Senator Joe debate this woman? She is a fraud and in a few weeks will be a footnote in history. And lets imagine just for a moment she actually won the primary — how could that be good for the district or the state or the party? Heaven forbid. Some people need to wake up.

  23. Justified Right said at 12:53 pm on May 7th, 2013:

    JoeD you are right. He would have no reason to debate her as things stand now.

    The only way to ever make an incumbent debate is to get enough outcry over a refusal to debate that the incumbent thinks votes are at stake over it.

    That takes media pressure too, and I don’t think she will get that kind of help from media.