“Johnny Cash Is A Friend Of Mine:” A Story of Two Remarkable Lives

Johnny_Cash_is_a_Friend_of_Mine_Book_CoverHenry Vaccaro’s memoir, Johnny Cash Is A Friend of Mine is the story of how a fluke in investment in a Monmouth County based guitar manufacturer and a case of mistaken identity led to a 30 year friendship between two humble yet ambitious men that changed both of their lives.

In sharing his friendship with Johnny Cash, Vaccaro poignantly shares impactful life lessons with his readers.

Promoted as a biography of the iconic country singer that adds a personal touch, the story of the unlikely and profound friendship provides more insight into Viccaro, an ordinary man following his extraordinary dreams through the roller coaster of his life. A life for which, he says, Cash provides the sound track.

Filled with personal stories and never before published photographs, the book reads like Vaccaro is sitting and reciting the events of his friendship.  That’s because the book was written exactly that way.  Vaccaro’s son, Henry, Jr, taped his father telling the stories he heard so many times before and they hired a court reporter to transcribe the videos.

“You’re here because I want you here,” Cash tells Vaccaro during one of their many trips on JC Unit One, Cash’s tour bus,” You don’t know how many want to ride this bus with me, but Henry, I want you here.”

Through the tales of good times and bad, hilarious and sad, Vaccaro provides and insight into Cash’s character and the contributions they made to each others lives.  “He brought out the best in me.  He restored my faith in God above and he taught me what was really important in this life, your faith, your character, your family and friends and your compassion for your fellow man,” Vaccaro writes of his friend.   This reader expects that Cash would say much the same about his friend.

Henry Vaccaro is a friend of mine.  Buy his book here at a $10 discount.  Or, go to the book signing on Saturday, March 9, at Silverball Museum Arcade, 1000 Ocean Ave Asbury Park Boardwalk, and buy a signed copy at a $15 discount.

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