Freeholders Introduce Budget With $6.3 Million Spending Decrease

The Monmouth County Freeholders did more than fight over Andrew Lucas’ farm last week before voting to approve their portion of the $1.152 million purchase of his development rights.

By a unanimous 5-0 vote the all Republican board introduced a 2013 budget that reduces county spending by $6.3 million.  The amount to be raised by property taxes will remain at the 2010 level.  Spending is budgeted to be below 2008 levels.

“We continue to face the pressures of increased fixed costs and reduced revenues, but were able to reduce the total budget below 2008 levels and maintain a zero increase to the tax levy,” Freeholder Director Thomas A. Arnone said. “As has been the case for the past several years, county departments were asked to cut their budget allocation proportionately to help this board reduce the impact on the taxpayers.”

The budget appropriates $481 million in spending. $302,475,000 will be raised from property taxes.  The remaining $178.525 million comes from federal and state funds, shared services agreements, and fees.

Freeholder Gary Rich noted that the county has reduced its workforce by 15% since 2008.

While the freeholders introduced a budget that reduces spending and keeps the tax levy flat, they also passed a resolution that allows them to increase the tax levy by 3.5%.

The county budget is tentatively scheduled for adoption at 7 p.m. March 28, following a public hearing. The freeholders will make a PowerPoint presentation on the budget March 5 at the Monmouth County Eastern Branch Library, Route 35, Shrewsbury and at 7 p.m. March 19 at the Monmouth County Library Headquarters on Symmes Drive, Manalapan. The public is invited to attend and offer comments.

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5 Comments on “Freeholders Introduce Budget With $6.3 Million Spending Decrease

  1. so.... said at 10:55 am on March 4th, 2013:

    are they keeping the tax rate flat or are they increasing it? This taxpayer would like to know.

  2. Barry said at 11:00 am on March 4th, 2013:

    Tax rate is determined by many factors all they can control is the levy. The levy is the same as 2010

  3. That is called said at 8:10 am on March 5th, 2013:

    The Cap Bank, which is not cash, but an allowable legal increase should some disaster occur during the year, according to the presentation given last Thursday. My understanding is they have never had to use it. Some can gripe all they want on one stickler issue or another, but, Monmouth is now the only county in NJ with a Triple AAA bond rating, one of only some 33 in the nation. This sound financial management saves millions of tax dollars. And remember, for the first time in history, the USA was downgraded to a double AA, thanks to the ever- ballooning debt and spending of Nobama and company.

  4. Art Gallagher said at 9:29 am on March 5th, 2013:

    Who’s griping?

  5. Come to some meetings said at 5:48 pm on March 5th, 2013:

    and listen to the regular gadflies who always show up with one gripe or another: when this budget was introduced, at least two wanted the Board to spend down the surplus just to show a decrease in the levy, which can jeopardize the triple A. There are the ones who, no matter what they do or give, such as help and shelter for the homeless, but it’s never enough. They want everything that is important to them, spare no expense. But, if they don’t want it or use it, get rid of it,and charge me less. Such is the thrill of representative government,in a bad and worsening economy. And,as arguably the most efficient and responsive level, the county gets, and hears,it all, whether it is within their power and purview, or not!