Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore Sets Up Charity To Assist Bayshore Residents

Has high praise for Congressmen Chris Smith and Rush Holt.

Angry with Congressman Pallone and JCP&L

Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore has set up a charitable fund to assist residents of the storm battered bayshore sections of the township.  The Middletown Disaster Relief Fund is accepting tax deductible donations to help residents of Leonardo, Belford, Port Monmouth and North Middletown.

Donations can be sent to:

Middletown Disaster Relief Fund

c/o Mayor’s Office

1 Kings Highway

Middletown, NJ 07748

Praise for Smith and Holt

“Congressman Chris Smith has been an absolute godsend, he’s the hero of the bayshore,” Fiore exclaimed during an interview on Friday. “The north side of the township is a disaster area.  Smith was here for hours. He’s getting us added security and federal assistance. That part of town is not even in his district.”

“Rush Holt has been great.  Middletown is not part of his district anymore, yet he called and offered his help for which I am very grateful.”

Where’s Frank? 

Fiore is not happy with Congressman Frank Pallone.

“I haven’t heard from him since August of 2011.  Someone should tell him that his constituents on the bayshore are hurting.  He’s off surveying a fishing pier in Middlesex County that no one fishes from and that is far from where anyone lives.”  Fiore said that a “low level staffer” from Pallone’s office called his Mayor’s office.  The mayor’s assistant called back and asked that the congressman call the mayor directly on his cell.  Fiore said he hasn’t heard from him.

“JCPL was better after Irene”

“I’m tired of hearing about how this is the worst storm ever and how they’ve never encountered anything like this.  Take the excuses back to Ohio,” a frustrated Fiore said of electric utility JCPL, a subsidiary of Ohio based First Energy Corp.

“PSE&G and Atantic City Electric are restoring power much faster than JCP&L is, I’m really tired of the excuses.  They should have been better prepared.”

Fiore was highly critical of the utility during and after the August 2011 Hurricane Irene.  His frustrations with them are worse this time.

“They are avoiding being held accountable, said the mayor ,”during Irene they gave me frequent updates and promises with which I could keep Middletown residents informed.  Now they are informing directly with the public.  There is no elected official holding them to account. My government affairs representative is doing as well as he can, but he and I can get the same information from the company’s web site.”

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