Look who is sitting in the nose bleed seats

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9 Comments on “Look who is sitting in the nose bleed seats”

  1. Draco Malfoy said at 9:58 pm on September 6th, 2012:

    I wonder how this crew voted on the God/Jerusalem issue. I wonder how they feel about David Axelrod dumping this bag of doody on Corey Booker.

  2. Jeeves said at 9:59 pm on September 6th, 2012:

    Menendez and Holt…perfect together. By the way, has Biden been drinking? He is repeatedly slurring his words and shouting at the wrong time. His speech is veering wildly off course. The guy is an embarrassment.

  3. Joe D. said at 10:43 pm on September 6th, 2012:

    In a few months the great story-teller Joe B. will have a bright future as a fictional author. He’ll have plenty of time on his hands. What a joke. And as the current occupant of the oval office speaks of energy resources, I am thinking all the hot air coming out of him and the lefties and how that hot air could be best channeled to enough energy to power some small state. Maybe they can all stay there and keep shouting.

  4. Early Reviews said at 7:00 am on September 7th, 2012:

    Stale & Empty – Out Of Juice


    We KNEW He Was An Empty Chair, But Now His Speeches ?


    And THIS Is From His Own Side


    Obama Doubles Down On What People DON’T Want


    And Old Joe, The Gift That Keeps On Giving…


  5. Bob English said at 7:52 am on September 7th, 2012:

    As for the Fox News link, just maybe it would be a good idea to see what polls show in the next few days before deciding if the needle was moved. And if Obama does get a good bounce, will you see another column form Fox News admitting they were wrong????…of course note.

    Whether you agreed with the major speeches politically or not, most of them were very good/great. Note that the two major things people were talking about after the R convention was how many lies fact checkers found in Paul Ryans speech and about Clint talking to the chair which also included things that were not true. Neither of those two “moved the needle” much (in a positive direction) and could have done more harm than good.

  6. Bob English said at 7:55 am on September 7th, 2012:

    Woops…out of fairness I should have included that people thought Ann Romney did a great job also when I mentioned what people were discussing after the R convention. I thought Condi was very good also.

  7. OMG Bobbie said at 10:45 am on September 7th, 2012:

    Almost EVERYONE is panning Obummer’s speech and dance around it by saying “most of them.”

    The most important speech was by a FAILURE and it was a FAILED SPEECH.

    Next you will be saying that this was a great unemployment report.

    +96,000 – LESS Than Last Month

    368,000 DROPPED OUT
    88,921,000 ‘NOT IN LABOR FORCE’



    The U6 Number, including people who have just given up has got to be around 15% functional unemployment.

    Forget the head in the sand, you libs must be living in Bizarro World.

  8. Bob English said at 4:22 pm on September 8th, 2012:

    Note that last month when there was a higher nw jobs number but unemployemt still ticked up .1% that Romey was saying that the unemplyment number was that mattered. This month he is saying the opposite.

    Everyone know that more jobs are needed which is why it is bizzare that Congressional Republicans will not support the Presidnets jobs bill and even more bizzare that most of the Rs in the Senate voted against the anti outsourcing bill? I assume you believe that those R’s should be voted out of office right?

  9. Same old said at 9:56 pm on September 8th, 2012:

    Obama speech… Same old, same old just a different year. He is incapable of upholding his duties as President. He must go!