NY Post: Christie will be keynoter in Tampa

The NY Post is reporting that back channel word is going out to New Jersey Republican activists that Governor Chris Christie will be deliverying the keynote address at the Republican National Convention on August 28 in Tampa.

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4 Comments on “NY Post: Christie will be keynoter in Tampa”

  1. NRA Member said at 5:08 pm on July 18th, 2012:

    Christie raised taxes, considerably increased state spending and is outright hostile to the Second Amendment. It’s a shame Mitt Romney couldn’t find an actual Republican to deliver the GOP’s keynote address.

  2. they really said at 12:07 pm on July 19th, 2012:

    need to invite Sarah Palin.. she can stir up the crowd: not her fault McCain was such an awful candidate!!.. was the same thing with Dole: he was awful, whike Kemp was a great runningmate: a shame.. sure do hope we get someone exciting like Marco Rubio or Allen West from Fla. for VP, or afraid it’ll be a real snoozer of a convention, and we need to wake these people up!( Portman, Pawlenty,etc.- yawn:I don’t think so!)..

  3. Bob English said at 10:51 am on July 20th, 2012:

    If the issue is (and should be) picking a VP candidate who is ready to step in as President on day 1 if needed, than Portman and Pawlenty are among those Gov. Romney should be considering. Politics aside, I believe that both would be seen as well qualifed (not to mention smart enough) by most to assume the Presidency if needed.

    In what is very likely to be a close election in November, the last thing Romney needs is a repeat of the Palin disaster where the VP pick actually reflected poorly on McCains judgement.

  4. If you've never been said at 3:02 pm on July 20th, 2012:

    to a national convention, understand that it is largely a historical, and ceremonial party “pep-rally,” the main purpose of which is to inspire not only their party’s base, but also attract various people/groups/blocs, and try and pique’ their interest in the upcoming national election, on which our futures depend, this year more than ever.. the point is, each night, when there is some primetime coverage, to bring up people who can inspire and excite the attendees, and hopefully some of the breathing voters out there, to start focusing on the fact they ought to begin thinking of the fall election, and their civic duty to pick a leader… any national figure who is a good speaker, has a following, and even inspires controversy,discussion and debate, brings attention to our party, candidiate, and cause.. nobody’s saying re-nominate Palin, if you ever watched the Conservative caucuses on C-Span, it’s many different governors, congresspeople, pundents, and national figures who are invited to speak to stir up the crowd to, ideally, go back out into the hinterlands and try and get some votes for our side!..as far as Portman or Pawlenty for VP- again: yawn!.. hope it’s someone different and more inspiring- we sure need it.