Christie on Morning Joe

Governor Chris Christie tangled with Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart over gay marriage, and Christie’s offer to but the issue up for referendum, during the Morning Joe Show yesterday morning on MSNBC.

Classic Christie:

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3 Comments on “Christie on Morning Joe”

  1. brian said at 11:26 am on February 24th, 2012:

    Gov you-tube, the MFM’s favorite fake conservative—when’s the last time he appeared on Fox, Hannity,Cavuto,etc.

  2. Really? said at 8:14 am on February 26th, 2012:

    Brian….really? The Gov was on Fox & Friends 20 minutes after that and then on Imus. Pick something else meaningless to critics the Gov on.

    You want a down the line 100% social and fiscal conservative as your governor, I suggest you move to the south then, because they do not exist in the northeast.

  3. oh, when said at 1:25 pm on February 26th, 2012:

    will people get thet this is another smokescreen to keep people ruminating over a cultural, personal choice- issue, and take the focus off how truly BAD this economy is?? ..let’s please stop falling into this trap- MAKE all officials tell us what they are doing, and are quickly going to do, to help people stay employed, get employed, and stay in their homes??..enough with the gay marriage blather, I could care less..