Dan Jacobson Kills Puppies!

By Senator Jennifer Beck, also published in the September 22 edition of the triCityNews

Senator Jennifer Beck, Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini and Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande

Senator Jennifer Beck, Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini and Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande

Last week I was treated to a column that the TriCities’ very own publisher (and Independent District 11 Assembly candidate) Dan Jacobson said he’d been ‘itching to write’. I’m not surprised that Dan was feeling a little itchy and uncomfortable prior to writing a column dramatically misrepresenting that I might endorse Dan in his latest political foray.  I guess we can take some solace that at least Dan felt a little uncomfortable while knowingly misrepresenting my position!  And I know it was intended to be tongue-in-cheek – just like the headline of this column and the made-up Dan quotes below. He did get some things right….Dan and I have indeed been friends for many years, and he is certainly correct that he was a supporter of mine from way-back when I was running for my first term on the Red Bank Borough Council.  But I’m friends with a lot of folks that, despite our being friends, don’t receive my endorsement for political office.

I do appreciate Dan’s permitting me to use this space this week to set the record straight and offer my official endorsement for this year’s elections.  I’m proud to run with, and support, my two outstanding running-mates: Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini from Ocean Township and Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande from Colts Neck, a new demographic for Dan to reach.

Endorsing candidates is something I do not take lightly, and I make sure to hear from all sides before issuing any declaration. On that note, I did not just blindly support my running-mates. I made sure to also reach out to Dan and hear from him on what he’d like to do in his upcoming term if he is elected to return to the Assembly from his 18 year exile.

“Number one, I look forward to raising taxes again on everyday items, just as I did in my first term. Additional taxes on toilet paper, light bulbs, and eggs were such a resounding hit my first time around, I plan on doubling-down in my upcoming term!” Dan told me earlier this week.

Now, of course that’s not a real quote from Dan, just like his “quotes” of me endorsing him weren’t accurate in his column last week.  But at least I got the facts straight – Dan did indeed vote in favor of all those taxes back when he originally served in the legislature.  The residents of New Jersey couldn’t vote Dan and his legislative mates out of office fast enough then, so sorry Dan, as much as I value our friendship, it would be foolish of us to risk going down that path again.  Actually, I should make clear that the “killing puppies” headline was a total fabrication.  At least as far as I know.

But back to the choices you have in this election. If you agree that we need less taxation, limited government, leaders in property tax reform, and true accountability in the state legislature, the choice is clear. Both Mary Pat Angelini and Caroline Casagrande have been vocal leaders in the Assembly, standing up for taxpayers throughout Monmouth County, and the State.  My running mates and I have proven track records, having led the way on the historic reforms enacted over the past two years.  While Dan may be a good friend, he can’t claim to have been a very effective legislator during his first term.  Not honestly anyway.

We are proud to run as Republicans, but both myself and my running mates are extraordinarily deliberative and don’t always just vote the party line. And unlike Dan Jacobson, when we decide to take a stand that some in our party may be opposed to, we don’t resort to physical altercations with our fellow legislators!  It’s bad enough the cast of the TV show Jersey Shore make it appear as if we New Jerseyians regularly settle our disputes that way – we don’t need the legislature lending credibility to the portrayal!

Dan is right that our friendship will not be affected by his independent run for the Assembly, and even when Mary Pat and Caroline are re-elected in November, I will still let him pick out the drapes for our legislative offices.

So I guess you heard it here first, Senator Jennifer Beck supports her running mates, Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini and Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande for the Assembly – emphatically and enthusiastically!

I’m glad I could clear things up. After all, I’m your Senator, I’m here to help!

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15 Comments on “Dan Jacobson Kills Puppies!”

  1. Waiting for Sage said at 9:00 pm on September 22nd, 2011:

    And the countdown to Jim Sage saying “but she sent the state police to my house, and doesn’t want to go on a date with me” starts…. NOW!

  2. Jim Sage said at 9:20 pm on September 22nd, 2011:

    No…not this time. I enjoy reading your rants about the bad police in your town not giving you a hand gun permit, lol

  3. CommonSense said at 10:10 pm on September 22nd, 2011:

    Can’t wait for these 3 women to be the first all woman legislative district. Once they win I’m moving out of the new 12th and moving tom the new 11th! Go get ’em ladies!!!!!

  4. Lois said at 7:10 am on September 23rd, 2011:

    GO TEAM GO!!!

  5. Waiting for Sage said at 12:45 pm on September 23rd, 2011:

    Btw, I’m not Hogan, Art can confirm that

  6. Carpe Eatum said at 2:24 pm on September 23rd, 2011:

    Declan O’Scanlon, long time contributor to Jacobsen’s rag, did a nice job writing that for Jennifer Beck. I can’t believe Jacobsen fell for it.

  7. Freespeaker1976 said at 2:41 pm on September 23rd, 2011:


    I hope you are getting your money up front for Jacobson’s blog ad. I mean, I wonder how many donations he’s going to get and will there be any money left after he looses 🙂

  8. Dan Jacobson said at 3:17 pm on September 23rd, 2011:

    Those who comment on this blog crack me up. The best is TR. I think I know who it is too. Really enjoying all the comments.

    Anyway, here’s the bottom line: If I’m going to take my shots in my own paper, I have to give everyone the same opportunity to fire back at me in as prominent a position as I can. Actually, I bend over backwards to let them. Always have. Been that way for almost 13 years.

    So I let Jennifer take my column for the week, as well as pick her own headline, which I also put on the front page. I also invited her to send a photo — which you see with her article above — and I published that too in our paper. If you want to see how it was laid out in the triCityNews, it’s on my website — Danjacobson.net. Yup, I even put the response on my own campaign website. Click on “issues” and you’ll see all my columns and “Beck’s response” listed.

    (You’ll also see the “Jacobson doesn’t have the character or the brains” column where I reprinted the harshest criticism from this blog and published it in my own paper.)

    I always welcome a debate. And I never take a position I don’t think I can defend. I”ve always let the readers — and in the case of this campaign, the voters — make their own call. I have absolutely no problem with that.

    Tell you what: If everyone coming out to vote this November had a sense of who was running for the Assembly, I’d win with no problem. No question. Obviously, it doesn’t work that way. And that inability to get through to everyone is why I likely will get the usual 10 percent you’d expect from an Independent who does well.

    And, yes, just like I do with my advertisers at the triCityNews, I paid Art up front for the ad! It’s been worth every penny. I recommend it to everyone.

    Dan Jacobson

  9. Justified Right said at 4:08 pm on September 23rd, 2011:

    How many bald guys are in the assembly?

  10. Justified Right said at 4:12 pm on September 23rd, 2011:

    By the way if Dan really had the moxie he claims his website wouldn’t say “pro choice” (what does that even mean?).

    It should say pro-baby killing. I’d at least settle for “pro-infanticide.” At least that way none of the liberal voters will know what he is talking about.

    The guy makes jokes about puppy killing, which he would never do, but is actually OK with killing babies.

  11. Freespeaker1976 said at 4:25 pm on September 23rd, 2011:

    10 Percent Dan? Wow, hopeful we are.

    But that’s all you want because you know FULL well, drawing 10% independents away will help the Democrat candidate.

    Sorry to say, you are just a charade

  12. Just a charade said at 5:38 pm on September 23rd, 2011:

    Sorry, Freespeaker1976. I don’t see that theoretical 10 percent coming solely from the Republicans to help the Dems. I think it will be much more evenly split than that.

    I think I will have an outside shot by the end or I wouldn’t be doing this, but I haven’t lost my mind. At least not yet. That’s why I stand by my original prediction: Republicans win by at least 6,000, if not 8,000 votes or more.

    What’s your prediction?

    Dan Jacobson

  13. Freespeaker1976 said at 6:11 pm on September 23rd, 2011:

    Ah, Dan “Just A Charade” Jacobson, who said anything about drawing Republicans away?

    And, IMHO; I don’t even see you gaining anywhere near 5% of the vote. But then, I don’t own a crystal ball.

  14. Just a charade said at 7:23 pm on September 23rd, 2011:

    Don’t be such a pussy. Make a prediction. How much will the Republicans win by?

    Dan Jacobson

  15. Freespeaker1976 said at 10:44 pm on September 23rd, 2011:

    I don’t know Dan, don’t have access to the numbers I would need to make an educated decision. Anything else would be a guess.