Three Jersey Guys Talking Politics

Yesterday’s radio show is a lot of fun.  Just three Jersey Guys talking politics.

Fellow Monmouth County resident  Chris Kniesler joined Dick LaRossa and me in discussing this year’s legislative races, the 2012 Presidential race and next years NJ U.S. Senate race.

Chris made a presidential race prediction that stopped Dick in his tracks for a moment.  Dick, as is his custom, went off about the courts when Chris announced that the Third District Court ordered Carl Lewis back onto the LD 8 ballot, and I got on a roll about one of my favorite targets…the NJ media.

If you missed it, enjoy the recording:

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2 Comments on “Three Jersey Guys Talking Politics”

  1. Glad to see/hear said at 1:25 pm on September 15th, 2011:

    Chris back in the game: along with his dad, Fred, our County GOP Chair from ’80-’85, consulted for/worked many successful races in and around Monmouth and the state, including that of former Sen. LaRossa.. it was really a lot more fun in the “old days,” friends, feel kind of sorry for the newbies of today…..

  2. Bob English said at 11:10 pm on September 15th, 2011:

    Enjoyed the show. Interesting thoughts about the Gov jumping in the Presidential race if the NJ R’s dont get control of the Legislature.

    If Palin were ever the GOP nominee though, the party would be commtting political suicide in 2012.