Sweeney Needs To Grow Up And/Or Seek Therapy

 By Art Gallagher

Sweeney's childishness manifest with an outbreak of acne. Photo credit APP.com

Sweeney's childishness manifest with an outbreak of acne. Photo credit APP.com

Three weeks after his profanity laced rant over Governor Chris Christie’s budget cuts, during which he threatened violence towards the Governor, Senate President Steve Sweeney says he’s still too angry to engage in the State’s business and “jokingly” says he hasn’t talked to Christie yet because there might not be enough troopers available to police the eventual face to face they’ll have.

Christie has proposed legislation that would reverse the cuts to “transitional aid” for New Jersey’s distressed urban areas.  Sweeny said “people will die” as a result of those cuts, yet he has taken no action on the reversal Christie proposed.

As a State employee, Sweeney has first class health insurance.  He should use it and get some anger management treatment.

Sweeney’s remarks were at a meeting with New Jersey Press Media’s (Gannett) editorial board in Neptune that played more like a group therapy session than it did an interview with the President of the Senate.

Sweeney told NJPM that shared services and education reform are next up on the Statehouse agenda, but not before he gets over his issues.

Sweeney also said he’s suspicious of Christie’s budget.  He thinks Christie designed a budget that will get New Jersey’s fiscal house in order so that he can lower taxes in the next budget.  In other words, Sweeney suspects Christie of working to keep his campaign promises.

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11 Comments on “Sweeney Needs To Grow Up And/Or Seek Therapy”

  1. House monmouth | Cellcon said at 8:05 am on July 22nd, 2011:

    […] MoreMonmouthMusings » Blog Archive » Sweeney Needs To Grow Up And … […]

  2. Rick Ambrosia said at 8:59 am on July 22nd, 2011:

    You’re not exactly telling the whole truth here Art…this is what Sweeney has said about the taxes…

    “I think next year you’re going to see the governor announce he wants to cut the income tax for the wealthiest people in the state. He’s talked about it. He talks about how (New York Gov.) Andrew Cuomo did it,” Sweeney said. “And how’s he going to do it? Next year, we’re going to have a budget surplus of over a billion dollars, and he’s going to say we have the money to do it now.”

    I believe him…and I don’t trust Christie one bit. That radio commercial touting his budget talks about “cutting wasteful spending” is a lie also. I didn’t think $500K for disabled children that he cut was wasteful, or the money he took from blind students was wasteful. But apparently, he did.

    Get that? Cut taxes for the wealthiest. Is he living in the 80’s with voodoo economics of the trickle down theory that never worked?

    What is he doing about the unemployment numbers? Nothing. It went up again in NJ and still, he does nothing. We’re still waiting for some kind of plan to get the economy of NJ moving again. Instead, he pats himself on the back for slashing aid to the poorest of the poor. Nice.

    Thankfully, his numbers are dropping like a rock and he can only do so much damage for one term.

    You go Senator Sweeney…someone has to stand up to the biggest bully on the block.

  3. speedkillsu said at 10:09 am on July 22nd, 2011:

    Rick ,in case you missed it NJ is once again the most heavly taxed state in the country ( http://finance.yahoo.com/taxes/article/113173/states-pay-most-least-taxes-247wallst)to be competive we must cut taxes which by the way it was the Democrats and corzine that gave the millionares their last tax cut …

  4. Rick Ambrosia said at 10:13 am on July 22nd, 2011:

    Then give the tax breaks to the people that need it the most…not the least. Thanks to the cuts in aid, my taxes have still gone up the past two years…as did millions of other middle class workers.

  5. TheDigger said at 10:55 am on July 22nd, 2011:

    So much for a kinder, gentler civil discourse.

    If a conservative threatened physical violence against a liberal democrat governor (or president) could you imagine the resulting firestorm?

    You can certainly trust a liberal … to be a liberal and a hypocrite!

  6. Rick Ambrosia said at 11:19 am on July 22nd, 2011:

    Really Digger? Wasn’t it this Governor that wanted to take a bat to Senator Weinberg? Wasn’t it this Governor that called another female legislator a “jerk”.

    Please, the feigned outrage is laughable.

  7. Proud Republican said at 8:53 pm on July 22nd, 2011:

    Hey Rick – how about making the 50% of the population who don’t pay taxes start paying? Instead of jacking up taxes on the ones who already pay the most, why not make half the country – you know, the ones who use (and abuse) the majority of government programs start kicking in? Sick of these leeches already.

  8. Bob English said at 9:00 pm on July 22nd, 2011:

    I am not going to defend Sweeney, but the artilce should mention that at great political cost to himself, he stuck to his beliefs and partnered with the Gov to get pension and benefit reform done. If it wasn’t for Sweeney, none of it would have been accomplished and the Gov would have one less thing to crowe about when he is giving speeches all over the country. So its understandable when within a couple of days, without even talking to Sweeney, the Gov makes additional budget cuts (some way beyound his initial budget) including programs that benefited the most needy and vulnerable that were very important to Sweeney.

    So wheter you agree with those cuts or not, I think its fair to say that Sweeney certainly had the right to be very pissed at the Gov for the way he handled that prior to leaving town for a two week vacation.

  9. Proud Republican said at 8:21 am on July 23rd, 2011:

    Bob E. – not sure if you are Steve “union guy” Sweeney’s campaign manager or second cousin, but here’s a reality check. Sweeney and others like him are the reason NJ is in the dire straits it’s in. It was Sweeney who watered down the contributions for health benefits and pensions to make them almost ineffective for the present. He and his fellow union Democrats are hoping they can knock Christie out and reverse the contributions before the serious percentages kick in. Then there is civil service reform which Sweeney has blocked. How about prevailing wage, which adds a minimum of 20% to government and private industry? Sweeney is the poster child for everything wrong with the state. Thank God Christie has the guts to line item all of the Democrat pork in the budget.

  10. BobEnglish said at 12:51 pm on July 23rd, 2011:

    Pround…I’m not a union guy, related or his campaign manager. As I noted in the first few words of my post, I was not defending Sweeney just noting that under the circumstances I think a lot of people would have felt the same way that he did.

    Regarding your comments on Sweeney and the bill:

    The details of how the reforms will be implemented were debated and this is what they agreed with. It might not be fast enough for you but many felt that what the Gov initially proposed was far to extreme especially for lower and middle income workers who would be very adversary effected without a phase in period.

    The fact that neither side is completely happy, might be a good thing. That is often the outcome in negotiations.

  11. Tyson Says said at 7:28 pm on July 26th, 2011:

    Art, don’t be so judgmental. Many upstanding, law-abiding citizens let a curse word or two slip into the conversation while intelligently discussing the issues of the day. To wit:

    Mike Tyson’s Thoughts</A HREF?