Desevo Still A Candidate

By Art Gallagher

The headline in the Asbury Park Press print edition said “Candidate Quits” but as of yesterday afternoon, Alex Desevo was still a Democratic candidate for Middletown Township Committee, 10 days after his arrest for possession of crack cocaine at the Holmdel Motor Inn.holmdel-motor-inn

Bertha Sumick, Monmouth County Clerk of Elections, said she has not received a letter of resignation from Desevo.

Desevo might have been able to save his family the embarrassment of his troubles being front page news had he resigned his candidacy as soon as possible…like the Monday morning after his arrest.  However, judging by the reaction of Middletown Mike, the Middletown Democrats didn’t learn of Desevo’s situation until after the APP published the details.

This could be great for business.  The longer Desevo drags this out in a Weineresque style, the more traffic and silly comments from Middletown Democrats this site will get.

Maybe Anna Little will launch a DESEVO MUST RESIGN ad campaign.

Word on the street is that Desevo was always intended only to be a “place holder” candidate, while Middletown Democratic Chairman Joe Caliendo searched the township for “a candidate who can really represent Middletown well.”

Caliendo’s problem is that all of the people who represent Middletown well are Republicans.

Just to be neighborly (and to demonstrate to awesome reach of MMM) I’d like to help Caliendo out.  Any Democrat who wants to run for Township Committee, should contact Joe Caliendo at [email protected].   Hey Joe, even Mike didn’t do that for you!   No charge this time.

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9 Comments on “Desevo Still A Candidate”

  1. TheDigger said at 10:41 am on June 29th, 2011:

    Gee – maybe if they want to run the best candidate, they could nominate either Tony Fiore or Stephanie Murray.

    Now that would be a true outreach by democrats to run the best in Middletown.

    You think Midletown Mike might support such an outreach?

  2. Had Enough said at 11:40 am on June 29th, 2011:

    Hey Art, why the cheap shot at Anna Little ? Gooch’s ad campaign against Weiner struck me as more than a little self-serving and frankly ridiculous, but why drag Anna into it ?

  3. RussianPilgrim said at 12:33 pm on June 29th, 2011:

    Keep it going. You create opportunity to remind people about Republican Ray O’Grady going to jail and Republican Tom Hall, Republican Rosemary Peters, Republican Pat Parkinson, and Republican Gerry Scharfenberger saying that they could do nothing to remove him from the township committee and that they had no idea that he was dirty and were totally suprised by his arrest. Kind of like our present township committee had no idea that a methadone clinic was going to open up on Apple Farm Road.

    Keep it going so some one will actually read a post and go and file a public records request and finally get all of the information on Pat Parkinson’s sexual harassment of the township clerk which cost the taxpayers of Middletown $25,000 dollars, not counting the actual settlement.

    Keep it going so Republican Tony “Mr Ethics” Fiore can continue to pretend to take the high road while he continues to attack someone who is no longer an “opponent”.

  4. Russianidiot said at 1:05 pm on June 29th, 2011:

    Maybe a little history lesson is in order. If you recall, O’Grady split off from the rest of the Republican Committee after his support of the Town Center. It is very likely that the rest of the Committee at that time did not know what he was doing because he was busy cutting deals with Joe “let me cram this down your throat Middletown” Azzolina at the time.

    As of today, Alex Desevo is still a candidate. What’s amazing is that he refuses to do the right thing by his family and drop out of the race. Instead, he is doing the right thing by King Caliendo and holding the spot until they can find a replacement. Why don’t you run Mr. Pilgrim? Or have you already had a turn and lost??

  5. RussianPilgrim said at 3:37 pm on June 29th, 2011:

    Russianidiot (Art),
    O’Grady was an elected, emphasis on elected, Republican who went to jail. He was hand picked by Carton. Who cares about internal Republican “splits” and party betrayals. The average taxpayer cares about crooks and dirty elected officials.
    I notice no response on Parkinson and what he cost the taxpayers and continues to cost the taxpayers as an employee of the sewerage authority.
    I notice no comment on Tony “Mr. Ethics” Fiore, who admits to 8 interviews on the topic, keeping it alive while pretending to care about the DeSevo family just the way he admits to caring about the situation at Apple Farm Road. DeSevo is nothing more than one way to deflect attention away from the fact that Tony “Papa” Fiore and the rest of the commitee failed to protect the people of Apple Farm Road from the methadone clinic that is now part of the neighborhood.
    The “right thing by his family’ for DeSevo is to first take care of all of his family needs and then to handle his political entanglements.
    The right thing for “Russianidiot” to do is to stop being an idiot and leave DeSevo’s family and children alone unless the “Russianidiot” likes picking on DeSevo’s small children as a way of avoiding issues like budgets and taxes that affect all the familys in Middletown.

  6. willow palin said at 7:06 pm on June 29th, 2011:

    A Dem talking about family being off limits…………is today April 1st?????

  7. TheDigger said at 7:10 pm on June 29th, 2011:

    OK, everyone take a deep breath.

    APP reporting that Joe Caliendo faxed a letter of resignation from the individual to the County Board of Elections.

    As for O’Grady, everyone knows he split from the GOP when he engaged in open warfare with the party and tried to take the committee seats (County Committee) over for Joe Azzolina (RIP). I would think if they could have removed him from office based upon charges, they would have gladly done so.

    As for Parkinson, as I recall, he succeeded the former Mayor of Middletown, who was a Democrat, as the head of the sewer treatment plant. Did RussianPilgrim ever demand that the Democrats remove that individual?

  8. MoreMonmouthMusings » Blog Archive » Desevo Resigns said at 7:22 pm on June 29th, 2011:

    […] resigned his candidacy for Middletown Township Committee this afternoon, less than 8 hours after MMM reported that he was still a candidate despite press reports to the […]

  9. RussianPilgrim said at 12:30 pm on June 30th, 2011:

    willow palin,
    I was talking about how family and small children are local political targets for people like Russianidiot.
    Every day is April 1 for the people of Middletown who believe they get good financial planning from budget by “osmosis” Scharfenberger and “Papa” Fiore who sends ‘Uncle” Sentembrino to raid future development library savings to take money that doesn’t belong to the township committee.
    If you have any ability to listen along with a brain that thinks use it. The issue with Parkinson is that he cost the taxpayers a least $25,000 which doesn’t include the settlement given to the women who was then township clerk. A public records request would make that information legally available to the public. The point is not who held Parkinson’s job before him, but they he continues to be rewarded with taxpayer dollars for being a Republican. The spoils system is alive and well in the Middletown Republican Party. I don’t know who held Parkinson’s job before him. It probably was a Republican because they have controlled Middletown for 30 years. Instead of trying to recall who came before Parkinson, give Parkinson a call and ask him and then report back with a factual answer.
    The point about O’Grady is he is a criminal who was hand picked by Carton to hold a Republican seat on the township committee. Internal party fighting and loyalty is not the issue. The issue is Republican party judgement, or lack of, when it comes to ELECTED officials.
    “If the committee could have removed him from office” sounds like what the committee is saying today about the methadone clinic at Apple Tree Farm Road, “if we could do something we would”. Although, Massell thinks and said, “we should have known”. Well, the committee should have known about O’Grady and Parkinson and should have done something about it. Digger, put your thinking cap on and get back to me.