Democrats will have a candidate for Senate in 13th

By Art Gallagher

Democratic primary voters in the 13th legislative district saw the words “No Nomination Made” on the top of their ballots in the slot for State Senator yesterday.  Former Hazlet Mayor Christopher Cullen was endorsed by the Monmouth County Democratic mini-convention in April but failed to file his petitions with the Secretary of State.

385 of the 2,099 Democratic voters in the district cast a write-in vote for Senator.  Cullen is expected to be the candidate after all of those votes are manually counted.  He will then face Senator Joe Kyrillos in the general election.  Kyrillos received 2,103 votes in the Republican primary against 23 write-ins. 

For the Assembly in the 13th, Republican incumbents Amy Handlin and Declan O’Scanlon were nominated with 2,073 and 1,998 votes, respectively.  There were 15 write-in votes.   Democrats nominated former Hazlet Mayor Kevin Lavan with 1,572 votes and former Middletown  Committeeman Patrick Short with 1,551 votes.  There were 23 write-ins.

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4 Comments on “Democrats will have a candidate for Senate in 13th”

  1. Freespeaker1976 said at 10:08 am on June 8th, 2011:

    So, a person who failed to file their nomination papers in time is trustworthy and qualified enough to be Senator?

    Come on man, you have to want it enough to get your paperwork done on time. I know, it sounds picayune, but heck; if you can’t get this one task done; are you really an effective and organized person?

  2. Tony said at 12:28 pm on June 8th, 2011:

    Kyrillos supports legalized abortion. Kryrillos supports requiring gun owners to obtain a “license” in order to excercise their Constitutional right to purchase firearms. (Do I need a “license” to attend Mass, Joe?)

    Kryillos is the poster child for the oh-so-liberal, New Jersey Republican party.


  3. JerryW45 said at 7:52 pm on June 8th, 2011:


    If you don’t Kyrillos, nobody is forcing you to vote for him. Vote for the Democrat, write someone in or stick your own neck out and run…

  4. tt said at 9:43 am on June 9th, 2011:

    Go vote for Cullen then. I’m sure he will be as good of a Senator, as he was the mayor of Hazlet