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web-trt1By Art Gallagher

As a blogger, it is always nice to be recognized by another media outlet.  Over the years, MMM has been cited by FoxNews, CNN, The Drudge Report, The Star Ledger, Asbury Park Press, NJN, and others.

This week  we hit pay dirt with front page exposure in the only profitable newspaper left in America, Dan Jacobson’s triCityNews.

I’d link you to the story, but Dan doesn’t publish on the Internet. That is why he has the only profitable newspaper in America, according to the New York Times.

You’ll have to pick up the paper, for free, at one the the coastal Monmouth establishments that carries it, from Atlantic Highlands to Belmar.

I recommend you pick up the paper.  The story featuring me and MMM, Rumble on the Right, is filled with intrigue, sex and money;  intrigue over the power of this blog, Mickey Gooch’s money and Jacobson’s sexual fantasies.

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I love it when others do. I’m happy to return the favor and toot my horn for Dan Jacobson. 

Today is the 12th anniversary of the triCityNews, which is another reason to pick up the paper. With my mug on the cover, this historic edition is likely to become a collectors item.

What Jacobson has accomplished as a business, and the difference he has made in the communities he serves, as an “alternative”  newspaper is remarkable.  As he said in his first publisher’s message twelves years ago, which is reprinted in this week’s edition,

Alternative newspapers hit the issues mainstream media won’t touch. That means the triCityNews will be there to inform you about relevant local politics, the gay community, youth, sex and all radical and ethnic groups.  News coverage will be incisive and perceptive.  Photo and stories about politicians handing plaques to constituents are left to the other guys.

Many on the Jersey Shore are unfamiliar with alternative newspapers.  They have told us that the triCityNews is like nothing they have ever seen. We’re proud of that.  That’s where we always want to be.

There is something else Dan should be proud of.  He’s done it with class. 

As irreverent as Dan often is, his publication is anything but “underground” as many, most in my experience, alternative newspapers are.   The Village Voice and the Boston Phoenix  are two alternative papers I am familiar with from my twenties when I lived in both New York City and Boston.  They were underground rags predominantly funded by ads for adult services establishments, strip clubs and head shops. 

Dan’s publication is funded by ads for first class small businesses in Monmouth County.  To find an ad for an adult service establishment in Monmouth County, you’ll have to look to the publication that Dan and I both love to bash, the Asbury Park Press.

Congratulations Dan.  Here’s to another 12 years or until Mickey’s check clears.

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3 Comments on “MMM In The News. The triCityNews”

  1. TR said at 7:48 pm on January 28th, 2011:

    My Parakeet can’t wait.

    Aww I’m just kidding. I may actually give up my faux unabomber life style and leave the house to get a copy.

  2. henry vaccaro said at 6:02 pm on January 29th, 2011:

    F— Mickey Gooch and his money.

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