Material For Soprano State Two

The way things are going, The Soprano State will have more sequels than Sly Stillone’s Rocky movies.

Just in the last month we had Toms River Regional School District Superintendent Michael Ritacco’s indictment for taking millions in kick backs.  We’ve seen Frank Pallone, Steve Rothman, Robert Menendez and Frank Lautenberg put Americans’ health at risk in exchange for campaign contributions.  We’ve seen Rush Holt exposed promulgating phony science to bamboozle Congress out of out of millions of dollars for his employer, the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.

There’s more material to come, perhaps as early as this afternoon.  MMM is fact checking a tip on a pay to play scheme by a Monmouth County elected official who has a stack a soap boxes he’s broken while preaching against such behavior.  We’re told the APP has had the same tip for a few days.  We got it last night.  Maybe they’re still fact checking too.    Stay tuned.

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