Christie Sinks ARC. Pallone Is Disappointed

Trenton, NJ – Today, Governor Chris Christie accepted the recommendation of NJ Transit Executive Director Jim Weinstein to continue the orderly and expeditious shutdown of the ARC Project. Despite intense negotiations with federal and state participants, no agreement was reached on terms that would assure New Jersey’s taxpayers would not pay more than $2.7 billion for a completed Trans Hudson Express ARC project.

Phoney Palloney (Falsetto Frankie to Soprano State fans) is disappointed:


Frank Pallone Jr. Disappointed to hear Governor plans to cancel ARC tunnel at a time when New Jersey needs more mass transit options.

Well, if Pallone had any clout in Washington after 22 years, maybe he could have gotten the Feds to cover the cost over runs on the project.   Or maybe he could have gotten his friends in the New York delegation to lean on Albany to contribute their fair share to a project that would have benefited New York more than it would have helped NJ anyway.  Think of all those tax dollars New Jersey residents would have been paying to New York after we spent $15 billion dollars to give them a way to leave the state to go to work.

As our friend Harold Kane,  the next Middlesex County Clerk, pointed out last week, New Jersey has 40 million square feet of vacant office space.  What do we need to spend billions of dollars to send people to work in New York for?

Christie did the right thing and come Tuesday Pallone is going to be despondent.

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