The Neptune Nudniks Are Flailing

The Asbury Park Press endorsed Tom Arnone  and Janice Venables for Monouth County Freeholder yesterday.  Their reasoning?  That Rob Clifton and John D’Amico have been in office too long.

Today the Nudniks endorsed Rush Holt for Congress in CD-12.  Holt has been in office longer than Clifton and D’Amico.

Not surprisingly, the APP needs a history lesson.  They said that Rob Clifton is the last vestige of the GOP’s “good old boy” network.  Clifton’s first candidacy was actually the beginning of the end of the “good old boy” network when he was Amy Handlin’s running mate in 2004.

More than most politicians, Clifton has been a faithful and humble public servant, consistently putting the people before his ambitions.  As the longest serving Freeholder, “Robby” has served through a tumultuous political environment over the last six years and avoided ambition driven infighting .

Clifton’s experience and his level headed demeanor will be an important dynamic on the Freeholder Board next year.

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One Comment on “The Neptune Nudniks Are Flailing”

  1. Luckily, said at 4:37 pm on October 18th, 2010:

    less and less people are reading that sad excuse for a paper, and few voters get their news from them now.. they are continually biased, and wrong much of the time, not to mention so late on their “breaking news,” and do so little research/fact-checking, and continually re-print non-facts, it’s embarassing,on and on.. someone who does get endorsed can brag about it, but in reality, it’s an old tactic that’s seen its day!-the voters will speak much louder!..