Dear Fellow Republicans,

Over the past 8 months, Governor Christie has initiated and implemented sweeping fiscal reforms. Recently, he launched the “Christie Fall Reform Agenda” to address four key areas of government that need reform; Ethics Reform, Pension/Benefit Reforms, Economic Development, and Education Reforms to rethink, reform, and rebuild our state government. These reforms are critical to ensuring that New Jersey becomes a more affordable place to live and work.

We need to elect fiscally conservative leaders at every level of government. Our county candidates, Sheriff Shaun Golden, Freeholder Rob Clifton and Freeholder candidate Tom Arnone have proven records of opposing higher taxes, cutting wasteful spending and responsible leadership.

Shaun Golden for Sheriff

Sheriff Shaun Golden, is an experienced law enforcement and public administration leader. Before becoming Sheriff he was a law enforcement officer for 18 years on the Colts Neck and Toms River Police Departments. Sheriff Golden also worked as a certified paramedic for MONOC, serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties, and was a volunteer firefighter and EMT. He holds a Masters Degree in Administration from Seton Hall University, is a NJ Certified Public Manager and an adjunct professor at Monmouth University. Sheriff Golden lives in Farmingdale with his wife Catherine, and their two children.

Rob Clifton for Freeholder

Freeholder Robert Clifton has served on the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders since 2004. He is currently the Deputy Director of the board and oversees Finance, Purchasing and Information Technology. He was the Mayor of Matawan Borough from 1996 until 2005. In Matawan he also served on the borough’s unified Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment, the Board of Health and the Monmouth County Board of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Mr. Clifton is the Director of Government and Community Affairs at Comcast. He lives in Matawan with his wife Tracy and their two children.

Tom Arnone for Freeholder

Freeholder candidate Tom Arnone has served as the Mayor of Neptune City borough council since 1997 and been Mayor since 2004. During this time he served as Police Commissioner, Public Works Commissioner, Finance Chairperson and Director of the Office of Emergency Management. He also served as a member of the Land Use Board, the Planning Board, and on the Borough’s Environmental Commission. In 2009 Tom was named the Vice President of the New Jersey Conference of Mayors, and was elected President in 2010. He has owned and operated a family business since 1983. Mayor Arnone lives in Neptune City with his wife Catherine and their teenaged daughter.

The November 2nd 2010 election is rapidly approaching. Our county team needs your support and vote. They are fiscally conservative leaders who will help ensure that Governor Christie’s reforms are effectively implemented at the county level. To find out more or to get involved, visit our website at . Please cast your vote for Sheriff Shaun Golden and Rob Clifton and Tom Arnone for the Board of Chosen Freeholders. Together, we can ensure that Monmouth County remains a beautiful and affordable place to live, work and raise a family.www.monmouthrepublican.org


Joseph W. Oxley
Chairman, MCRC 



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  1. Jim Sage, Marlboro said at 1:31 pm on October 18th, 2010:


    I have to disagree with Joe Oxley’s statement that the sheriff’s candidate has a proven record of leadership and cutting wasteful spending.

    A young man from my town was delivered to the Monmouth County Jail on minor warrants. Eight hours later he was mysteriously and inexplicably dead. Eighty days later, still no cause of death. Our sheriff candidate has not made any statement regarding this matter. I have viewed the autopsy pictures and they are absolutely horrifying. This calls for an immediate statement, regarding the circumstances surrounding this death. When one goes to jail–its for a jail sentence, not a death sentence.

    On the matter of cutting wasteful spending–you have an undersheriff/public information officer that is permitted a 24/7 “take home” police vehicle. I find this appalling since this particular person lives just four miles away from the Sheriff’s office. To add salt to the wound, the Sheriff’s Department laid off critical and essential law-enforcement personnel.

    This vehicle should have been taken away from the public information officer, and utilized for law enforcement purposes. The PIO is NOT a law-enforcement position.

    Sorry, this is one candidate I can’t support!

  2. Nice try, that's all you've got.. said at 4:04 pm on October 18th, 2010:

    but those two points are getting very old: the facts on the toxicology on the inmate are not in yet, and the county counsel has said at public mtgs. that none of them can comment on the issue, as it’s still under investigation, and of course, there’s potential litigation, going forward.. as for the car, that gripe is so old, all the undersheriffs are on-call and get a car, no matter how far away they live, so, get over it, many sheriff’s and Prosecutor cars are funded with grant money, so it’s not all county dollars..they can always sell them at auction, too, when the cars are retired from the fleet,replacing much of that money.. Shaun Golden is very well-educated, and is ten times more experienced and qualified to serve as Sheriff than his grumpy lawyer-opponent, and will likely win,handily!….

  3. Jim Sage, Marlboro said at 4:26 pm on October 18th, 2010:

    Getting old??? They mysterious and inexplicable death of a 20 year old getting old?? Did you see the autopsy pictures? It’s now like 80 days..and a cause of death has not been determined. The latest tests are for anabolic steroids–they would not be a cause for death. It took half the time for the cause of death of Anna Nicole Smith to come forth, and she was on a cocktail of drugs.

    As for Cynthia Scott the undersheriff with a 24/7 take-home car–Do you not agree that it sends a poor message to the taxpayers and laid off officers of the Sheriff’s Department?? The Sheriff himself has a take-home car–BUT DOES NOT TAKE IT HOME!! Is Ms. Scott more important than the sheriff??

    What about the costs of federal detainees?? Did you know the county receives $105.00 per day per inmate?? Impressive, only problem it costs something like $179.00 per day to house them. Seems to me the county is losing money. Very fiscally irresponsible.

  4. You're certainly entitled said at 5:01 pm on October 18th, 2010:

    ..to your opinion, but, if there was any wrongdoing by anyone, it certainly was not a Sheriff’s fault, unfortunate tragedies happen everywhere, and time and the courts will tell..making an Election issue of an unfortunate death is kind of tacky, no?….as for Fed. prisoners, doesn’t some law/reg have to be changed ,to get more for them??-again, not the Sheriff’s fault….so, using your logic, if the Sheriff does not take his own home, then one can say he is being fiscally-responsible on a personal choice-level, and having heard him speak with all his facts, figures, and ducks in a row, it looks to me that he’s done very well with such a large operation,in a short period of time, and deserves to win this term!!..

  5. Keep on pushing Jim... said at 5:03 pm on October 18th, 2010:

    everyone knows you’re just hoping for a job from Brophy. You have nothing better to do than be a flip flopping hack that used to pretend to be a Republican. Go crawl back under a rock in Marlboro where you scream everyone is evil but you.