Why Conservatives Lose – sponsored by Christine “I am not a witch” O’Donnell

By “Ronald Reagan”
Ok, the Tea Party proved it can win Republican primaries and this is a good thing. Now they are tasked, through the candidates they support, with winning the general election and they aren’t doing such a great job. Or, at least, in Delaware they are not.
Christine O’Donnell, who has been put through the MSM PR meat-grinder, just released her first major commercial and it strikes all the wrong notes. We have been served up a second grader’s rendition of “Chopsticks” when what was needed was Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto.
Here is a list of important communication concepts that candidates need to keep in mind. Consider them Political Communications 101:
1. Never repeat a charge again you.
    Example: If your opponents are calling you a Witch… don’t say “I’m not a witch.”
2. Always keep the message on what you want to be talking about.
    Example: “Coons welcomes tax increases. I just disagree with him.”
3. Always keep it personal
    Example: “Coons welcomes tax increases. I just disagree with him, just like the majority of you do too, that is why my opponent has restored to a vicious, mean, negative campaign against me. Sorry, Mr. Coons, but all the mud in the world won’t mask the fact you want to increase taxes, increase spending and continue the depression we find ourselves in.”
4. Always give irrefutable general closing statements.
    Example: “What America needs is a growing economy. What Delaware needs is less taxes and more jobs. What you need is what I hope to offer, a new voice in Washington.”
So how did Christine O’Donnell do on her first major commercial?
First statement: “I am not a witch.” – Ohhhh boy. This is not going well.
Second statement: “I’m nothing you’ve heard” – that is even worse. Now she is refuting unknown charges. This begs the questions, “Why, what have you been charged with?”.
Third statement: “I am you.” – Not getting better. Refutably taking liberties with my personal identity is the quickest way to a rebuttal that starts with “Oh, no you are not… You’re a big bag of crazy”.
Fourth statement: “but none of us of our happy…” – Finally getting better. The next couple statements create an offense to parley a closing remark with.
Closing statement: “I’m going to Washington to do what you’d do” – Not good. Who are you talking to? I don’t know and neither do you. How about, “I’m going to Washington to cut taxes and the size of a bloated government that has grown without restraint.” – Now that is something I can vote for.
Too many times good candidates get poor consulting transforming a difficult campaign into a losing one. This is exactly one of those time. It’s not too late to turn this around but O’Donnell will never win with this message. Take a page from The Gipper and invoke optimism with a clear intent for lower taxes and smaller government.
Christine, let’s win this one for the Gipper.
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