Monmouth Republicans and the Tea Party Row – A National Problem in Local Form

If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.

~Ronald Reagan, July 1, 1975

Tommy DeSenoBy Tommy DeSeno


Self-identified Tea Party groups are supporting primary candidates against Republican incumbents Senator Joe Kyrillos, Assemblywoman Amy Handlin, Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon, Monmouth Freeholder Director Tom Arnone, Freeholder Deputy Director Serena DiMaso and Monmouth Sheriff Shaun Golden.


Normally I’d say to the challengers nothing more than, “Hey it’s a free country so have at it,” but to call America a “free country” now is becoming more cliché than reality, isn’t it?  Between Democrat Obama’s view that he has a right to kill American citizens without due process of law and Republican John Roberts ruling that I can be “taxed” on ObamaCare for not buying it, it is becoming increasingly hard to know who to trust in matters of American freedom.


When people ask me nowadays if I’d like to see a third party in politics, I tell them I’d settle for a second one.  The Democrats and Republicans are becoming that much alike.


So let me start by saying to Tea Party folks that I understand your frustration.  I too feel the need to have political ideology inform political judgment rather than concerns over electoral identity.  


The problem, my friends, is the “Tea Party” was never intended to be a third political party, and the local folks in Monmouth County are treating it like it is.  There seems to be a need to serve a full slate of candidates without regard to whether the Republican in question should be challenged, and that makes you look more election driven than ideology driven.  


This whole primary is a mistake.  That’s not to say the Republicans haven’t made some mistakes too – they have and I’ll get to that.  But this constant war by primary will fail and needs to end. 


We are seeing quite a split in the Republican Party between those identified as Tea Party and those who are not.  On the national level, Karl Rove has declared war on the Tea Party, the Tea Party has declared war on the Republicans and the symbolic jackass of the Democrat Party is braying with laughter at us all.


I’ll deal with Rove another day. Someone finally has to do it.  I’ll deal with national Tea Party folks another day.  That has to be done as well.


For now, let me talk to the local Tea Party people and the local Monmouth Republican establishment, two groups I admire.


First the Tea Party:


It is unfortunate that the word “party” appears in the name because it gives the false impression that Tea Party is supposed to be a structured organization to promote candidates for election like the Republicans and Democrats.  It’s not.


“Tea Party” is a very limited ideology committed to nothing more than smaller government. It has no other issue and I cringe when I see anyone press an issue besides small government while waiving the Tea Party flag.  That puts the movement in a false light.


At its heart the Tea Party is libertarian and as Reagan pointed out libertarianism is also the soul of conservatism. That being the case, Tea Party should be an easy fit for all stripes of Republican regardless of whether their personal aesthetic is social conservative, paleo-conservative, libertarian or otherwise.


That means too that a Democrat or Independent can be “Tea Party” so long as small government and low taxes are what they seek. Their other issues are beside the point of Tea Party.  The goal of politicking (as opposed to legislating) is to persuade – to convince.  America is not a banana republic. We don’t kill the political opposition.  In a civilized nation of laws we evangelize our position to the opposition. We cajole.  We debate.  We persuade. All are welcomed to be Tea Partiers no matter what their electoral affiliation.


But I don’t see the local Tea Party folks primary Democrats to convince them.  To thrust only at Republicans every primary season in the name of bettering the Republican party isn’t an attempt to influence policy.  It becomes an internal coup to take over the party, and that is decidedly not “Tea Party.”


I also see local Tea Party folks judging Republican candidates on social issues, while waiving the Tea Party flag.  Feel free to do so, but put down the Tea Party flag and swing your Social Con flag while doing it.  Stop trying to convert the economically libertarian Tea Party movement into a mouthpiece for social conservatism.  It isn’t.  I’m socially conservative myself, but smart enough to know that if I really want small government, I won’t alienate others from the Tea Party movement.   I want to convince the Democrat to lower taxes, no matter where he stands on gay marriage.  I want to convince the Independent to lower taxes, no matter where he stands on abortion. I’ll fight those lions in other colosseums. They aren’t Tea Party fights.


So to the Monmouth Tea Partiers, I’ll ask you to stop trying to be a third party, or you risk destroying the very movement you wish to drive.


To the Monmouth Republican establishment:


I support you.  But…you need to be more ideological absolute.  The Tea Partiers are right about that. 


Karl Rove and the national establishment Republicans seem to have completely forgotten about 2010.  The only reason we have the House of Representatives as a weapon against Obama is the Tea Party.  I’d prefer it if Karl would just say thank you.


Instead, I see a steady rise of Republicans joining the ranks of media and calling Tea Partiers nut jobs and other unnecessary epithets.  It’s entirely ungrateful.


I tell you now, without equivocation, that the split between Tea Partiers and establishment Republicans that didn’t exist in 2010 and exists now is the fault of establishment Republicans.  The establishment Republicans thought that after the Tea Party handed them the House, they could go about business as usual.  They have an unreasonable expectation that the Republican line in elections belongs to them, that mirrors a liberal’s expectation of government largess. It’s whiny, plaintiff and unbecoming.


We owe you no office.  You owe us a commitment to the Lockean notions of American freedom restated in the Declaration of Independence if you want that Republican line without a primary, just as Democrats should have to commit themselves to small government in exchange for not suffering a Tea Party primary there.


So to conclude:  Kyrillos, Handlin, O’Scanlon, Arnone, DiMaso and Golden are going to clean the clocks of the challengers.  I support them.


Their first order of business after that should be to show the Tea Partiers an increased commitment to the economic theories of Hayek and Friedman, and stop joining the media in trashing the Tea Party who brought the Republicans the House.  Invite the Monmouth Tea Partiers in for a meet and hammer out some goals of small government.  I’ll mediate.


Remember America is a center-right country and if you commit yourself to a libertarian conservatism, we can take the Senate and White House too.


On your way…

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39 Comments on “Monmouth Republicans and the Tea Party Row – A National Problem in Local Form”

  1. Seth Grossman said at 8:32 pm on May 22nd, 2013:

    I am a conservative Republican candidate running for Governor against Christie in the June 4 Primary on a platform of smaller government, lower taxes, more individual freedom, and laws and taxes that treat everybody equally–not special deals and tax abatements for a selected few. I invite the “off the row” Republican candidates in Monmouth County to join me promoting the slogan that created the movement on April 15, 2009: “Taxed Enough Already!” Details at

  2. And Your Clock said at 8:40 pm on May 22nd, 2013:

    will be cleaned too on Primary Day Seth.

    I will never forgive you for your stupid tongue in cheek and insensitive remarks about Sandy Recovery after I told you I was too busy to look at your campaign while rebuilding our lives.

    Good politicians think before they open their mouths and that is also a problem of the BSTPG and their candidates.

    Other than that, WELL put Tommy.

    Jim Granelli

  3. bozo said at 8:56 pm on May 22nd, 2013:

    Tom, I mostly agree, however, I think there is sufficient evidence that Joe K and others tried to befriend Tea Partiers and the candidates in question have certainly advocated for smaller government, lower taxes, etc. Joe K certainly gave them a meeting and a platform but rather than work with Joe to take on Sweeney or Oliver, they are now trying to take him on. It just doesn’t make sense and if tried to befriend them or mediate the two sides, they will just turn on you as well.

    Sadly, or good for her, Babs seems to have the time and finances to not be going anywhere. The good news is that in the end, her “BTPG” has alienated all but Babs closest dozen friends. The bad news is that MSM dogs republicans, Christie is not likely to do the campaigning to carry either the senate or legislature as he didn’t do the work to recruit good enough candidates to take on the incumbent Ds.

  4. Stouthearted Patriot said at 9:06 pm on May 22nd, 2013:

    Seth Grossman is the only Tea Party Approved and Constitutionally Certified candidate for Governor. The Republicans 4 Conservative Leadership need to coordinate their strategy with Seth so that conservative Tea Party candidates will sweep the RINOs out of office. Conservatives will vote for Seth and the R4CL ticket becaused they are fed up with tax and spend RINOs like Chris Christie and Joe Kyrillos, who are too chicken to debate the Tea Party candidates on the issues so they send their surrogates out to trash them with mud and slime. That’s no way to win a primary and unite the GOP with conservative leadership. Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave with the way RINOs have trashed the eleventh commandment.

  5. Tainted Tea said at 9:22 pm on May 22nd, 2013:

    It doesn’t matter who runs on the Republican ticket, the BSTP will never be happy unless its their choice and they get full control to pick candidates. They Do Not want to associate with GOP candidates. They only pick apart Republicans candidates, Never do they pick apart Democrats. Makes your head spin and say hmmmm , WTF. They lost the respect of many Republicans in the County, all by themselves.

  6. Politicalpony said at 9:45 pm on May 22nd, 2013:

    TEA party “TAX ENOUGH ALREADY”. Yes perhaps in your perception the TEA party is smaller government insofar as economics. I think what you have failed to understand or clarify, is the fact that quickly the Tea Party became so much more. One must understand that in order to have smaller government “less spending” one must be a conservative socially as well economically. I myself consider me to be a conservative economically, but do tend to lean in the direction of libertarian on social issues.I said lean, not full bore. And with that said, I declare myself a member of the Tea Party. It is a vehicle in which to join forces with other like minded people. None of us see eye to eye on all issues. But, conservatives and libertarians tend to make pretty good bed fellows.

    You question the primary, you suggest its a destructive or at least disruptive. There’s any number of reasons for doing it. First off, no one in Washington or Trenton is listening to a word asked or demanded of them. So what better way to make them pick their head up to realize there is no more free ride or easy e-elections. Its called “Being put in notice.

    Lets admit to the stark fact that those currently in office are not libertarian or conservative. They are political animals that vote either as they are told or in some silly notion add to how they view the world and how “They think it should be”. Barley a one if then follow any constitution because none of them have a clue as to what’s in it! Its like sending in a carpenter to do a plumbers job.

    In order to be truly a fiscal conservative, which would give you the result if smaller government, you must first be of the mindset of a socially conservative individual. Without that, the other doesn’t work.

    As for third parties. Actually let me begin by repeating what you have already stated. The two established parties might as well be one in the same. Your opposition to primaries against the established Republican party is mis-guided in my opinion. Lets not forget how the a democratic party became what it is today. It was infiltrated by the Progressives “Party”, also other wise know as Socialist and Communists “Parties”.

    The word party is not just limited to a political group. It could be a birthday party or a graduation party, or a singles party. A party is simply a group if people gathering. Most Americans, even the low informed, realize the Tea party isn’t an actual party. The individuals of people from Monmouth county that have assembled in what is named the Bayshore Tea party, are running as republicans. But they have labeled themselves add Tea Party Republicans. There is quite a distinction between an Establishment republican and a Tea party republican. Each have their own thoughts and standards. The establishment feels the need to suck on a hind tit so they might remain in office. On the other hand, a true Patriot, a true Tea party candidate, be they conservative or libertarian, stand in their principles. If they should get elected and fall into the same political trap as others before them then they also should be removed.

    They say the three elected currently are some of the most conservative the state has to offer. I ask, by who and what standards. They are far from social conservatism. Heck they aren’t even libertarian.

    So I admittedly just can’t help myself from being politically incorrect. Who asked you your opinion on what constitutes a Tea Party member? Your certainly speak as if you might have some libertarian tendency, but you land left of the fence best I can tell. Their is a fine line between moderate. One wrong step and you either fall in a bed of Rose’ or you fall in $hit.

    Oh one more thing, Carl Rove? You sort of remind me if him. Telling everyone what’s what and what they should do.
    You also might be right about the Tea Party republicans getting their clocks cleaned. You better hope so, other wise no one will ever listen to your predictions again. But, no one can never say that the Tea party or the individual Patriots that make up that little band of what I’m sure many would view as “misfits and nut jobs” didn’t shake up the box and tipped it over.

    One final thing. There’s a lot more at stake than fiscal responsibility. Its about Freedom & Liberty. Without that, nothing else matters. That’s why I belong to the Tea Party. You say the tea party should narrow it self to fiscal issues. I say its all about my liberty, freedom, self reliance.

    Now go back to your little republican club house and tell the establishment to put their game face on.

  7. Ah Damn, The Imbecile Equine said at 10:04 pm on May 22nd, 2013:

    Is back for another beat down. Every time I put the pony in it’s place it wimpers away.

    First of all mental moron, learn the spelling of KARL Rove. It shows how stupid you are not knowing that.

    Second, you post your insipid opinions here. Why should Tom be able to? Do as I say, not as I do, eh? What a hypocrite.

    Go post your babble by the toilet. It’s where it belongs.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  8. TheDigger said at 11:04 pm on May 22nd, 2013:

    Instead of continuing this assinine circular firing squad and name calling, why don’t we all wait until the results are in on June 4th?

    The question is will you support the winners against the democrats or will this division continue?

  9. Stouthearted Patriot said at 11:36 pm on May 22nd, 2013:

    Check out this latest ad from Tea Party Approved and Constitutionally Certified candidate for Governor, Seth Grossman. I don’t think there is any better way to express the disgust and outrage conservatives feel about what RINO leadership has done to New Jersey

  10. Art Gallagher said at 11:45 pm on May 22nd, 2013:

    Seth and Grossman supporters:

    MMM is not craigslist. It costs money to advertise here.

    You’re welcome to comment. I find many of your comments amusing. But be good conservatives and don’t steal from me.

    No links to campaign websites. No links to youtubes. For that, you have to pay.

  11. Politicalpony said at 6:02 am on May 23rd, 2013:

    Hey Doggie doo doo
    Back in the litter box for lunch? Beat down? By you? I think you best get off the drugs you crack head. The only one around here receiving a beat down around here for their content, is your sorry excuse for a man. Tell me something, why are you always so pre-occupied with my spelling and typing abilities? I’ll tell you why, because you can’t keep up with the debate. Its hard to do when you’re not honest on a subject.

    As for my opinion, I’m not the one who writes articles telling people what they should and shouldn’t do. I for one don’t need anyone trying to explain what the Tea party is and what it should or shouldn’t stand for. But then I never expected you to understand the concept of self identity and worth. Sit down back bencher. I for one don’t respect people who are followers, just for the sake of wanting to be liked and accepted as part of the In Crowd. Get yourself some backbone and stand up for something you believe in. Or is it that you just don’t know any better.

    bla bla bla get your nose out of the litter box. Here’s laughing at you Rino.

  12. TR said at 8:08 am on May 23rd, 2013:

    The problem is thus;
    75% of establishment Republicans in office are not committed to an ideology they are committed to amassing power and getting reelected because that is how they make money and feed their considerable egos. Of that 75% 50% of those are empty suits.

    With regard to the Tea party 75% are nut jobs and conspiracy theorists who don’t have enough brains or can’t put their anger aside long enough to figure out a strategy that would actually work. As a result they go off half cocked and are actually loosing support at this point. Of that 75% 50% are emotionally unstable megalomaniacs.

    So I say a pox on both your houses.

  13. monmouth girl said at 9:25 am on May 23rd, 2013:

    Seath Grossman is the only candidated to be “certified” by a mental health professional. The certificate says “INSANE.”

  14. @monmouth girl said at 11:17 am on May 23rd, 2013:

    The “only” candidate? You should attend more BSTP meetings….

  15. The Equine Imbecile said at 11:41 am on May 23rd, 2013:

    Must still be colicky from her little rant yesterday. Keep it up with the crack head and RINO tags. I’m very comfortable knowing I am not.

    BTW, do you need a “My Little Pony” toy to make you feel better?

    NO pony, we’ll all be laughing at you and your ilk on June 5th. As to your spelling abilities, they show a low level of intelligence, like your rants.

  16. frithguild said at 1:32 pm on May 23rd, 2013:

    High Popalorem or Low Popahighram?

  17. teapartynut said at 2:35 pm on May 23rd, 2013:

    The Tea Party movement are citizens expressing their discontentment with the political class. The political class is found in both parties. Self-described Tea-partiers are informed and smart enough to tell their republican representatives, do not cross the line with the powers we as voters granted you. Respect our principals and the way we believe governing should be conducted. Tea Party voters provide republican candidates the opportunity to enhance their careers as long as they keep representing us on all issues, both social and economic. The Tea party oriented voter believes in republican principals. They want elected persons to express the voice, period.

    The political class (yes republicans also) disregard the voice of tea-partiers and abandoned association with conservatism. Politicians’ acquire an elitism when entering the political class and it is the duty of informed and smart citizens to be the antidote to it. That is why tea-partiers are running for public office nation-wide.

    Citizens have the right and even obligation to seek office if they feel their opinions and ideology are disregarded by elected citizens.
    What is a republican in this county or state? When have the republicans up for re-election made conservative stance or communicated a traditional principal of republicanism? They’re republicans because they go to fancy dinners and rubs elbows with influential people that have an R next to their name? Are they republicans because they spent years in a liberal school getting a fancy frame for their degrees? Is that what a republican is? How in touch are these people with their voting base? That may be why people want to vote for a slate of unseasoned citizens running.

    Tea party candidates understand the principals of republicanism. The Tea Party is used as a title because the meaning of a conservative republican is lost. Their run isn’t based on the defeat of republicans, it’s about getting the political class back to conservative principles, and stop blurring the political lines further. These incumbents – even local ones have not once stood up for gun rights or traditional family values or reducing the size of government or denouncing liberal agendas! So how are they republicans or prescribe to the principals?

    Tommy, to say Tea Party is a limited ideology is missing the point in its entirety. And to say anything flies with tea partiers because of its libertarianism component also misses the point. It is an ideology based on principals that defend freedom, limited powers, pro-achievement and allowance to work prosper un-infringed by the will of the governing. So no, a democrat nor independent would not be a true tea-partier since they do not hold that ideology and unfortunately more and more republicans do not hold it either, so being a tea-partier is an exclusive yet welcoming identity and club.

    Tea party candidates are not the problem, the political machine is the problem. We are the problem because we made the republican candidates spend money, work a bit harder to talk to the people and defend their republican record. That is why Tea party slate is a problem, right?? Let one of the republican candidates proclaim why term limits are good for them or maybe why tea party candidates are healthy for republicanism or why they carry the republican flag in genuine terms…fat chance!

  18. Tommy De Seno said at 3:41 pm on May 23rd, 2013:


    I agree with much of your sentiment and you express it very well.

    But we do have a disagreement on whether a Democrat or Independent can be Tea Party.

    As I expressed somewhere in my lengthy tome, the goal of politicking is persuasion.

    To say that the other side will not be persuaded suggests the movement is futile and therefore unnecessary.

  19. Art Gallagher said at 3:46 pm on May 23rd, 2013:

    To say that the other side will not be persuaded suggests the movement is futile and therefore unnecessary.

    An extremely important point, Tommy. Perhaps the most important point of your tome.

    Unfortunately, it is a critical point that many movement conservatives don’t realize, believe or care about.

  20. Teapartynut said at 4:29 pm on May 23rd, 2013:

    Tommy, under that premise, there isn’t a need to have truthful convictions and steadfast principals either when governing nor debating within the political arena.

    Strong convictions and solid principals will always have detractors and critics, offset by its supporters as well. So does that mean one has to always adjust their position to what is politically popular or expedient?

    I think that is the problem in American politics and the political class. It is constantly adjusting to detractors and critics and loses its fundamental meaning; in this case republicanism (liberals know very well their allegiance).

    That is why I say the tea party is healthy and cannot lose its core pillars, which are the pillars of the originalist. To win over the “middle” or “democrat” is futile and unnecessary exercise for the tea party movement. The establishment political class have already done so way too much.

    You quote Reagan and being someone who admires and have read many books from and about him, you would agree that he was a man that hardly ever compromised on his core positions and that is what made him the successful person he was in this country.

    – TeapartyNut

  21. Start Your Own Party said at 4:30 pm on May 23rd, 2013:


    STOP SCREWING OUR PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Tommy De Seno said at 4:36 pm on May 23rd, 2013:


    I apologize I may have been less than clear and caused some confusion (honest mistake if that’s what I did).

    I in no way meant for a Tea Partier to bend. I meant for the Tea Partier to bend the view of the other.

    I suppose there is some truth to what you say though – if all are to have strong convictions then no one is subject to persuasion.

    There seems to be some sort of paradox lurking in there that needs to be solved between conviction and persuasion.

    For bigger minds than me, I suppose.

  23. Teaparty Nut said at 4:37 pm on May 23rd, 2013:

    Hence, its complete bafoonary to say that conservative principals do not matter on local and state levels as one person on here said

    Convictions don’t matter either I guess

  24. Teapartynut? said at 5:00 pm on May 23rd, 2013:


    Persuasion occurs when one is intellectually honest. How one wants to accept the persuasions, may be colored with self-interests to dismiss it.

    Republicanism in original form is intellectually honest. The left knows how to manipulate it perfectly.

  25. Shlomo said at 7:16 pm on May 23rd, 2013:

    I’m fed up with all this politics of personal destruction. It’s time for all Tea Party Patriots to say farewell to the GOP and go third party. I call upon Seth Grossman and the Republicans 4 Conservative Leadership to withdraw now from the GOP primary and file instead as independent candidates in the November election. I can’t think of any better way to wipe away those smug self-satisfying smirks off the faces of those RINO hacks who think they can throw mud, dirt and slime at Citizen Patriots like the Bayshore Tea Party Group and still expect the conservative base to vote for them in November.

  26. @Shlomo said at 7:42 pm on May 23rd, 2013:

    Your post shows you to be a complete idiot.

    What are you going to do under the scenario that you proposed if the R4CL candidates run as indpendents in the fall and both the R4CL’s and Republicans lost?

    You see, if you knew and understood demographics, especially in N.J. you would learn that a third party will only ensure that a Democrat majority is elected for eons to come. I am sure you know that Democrats are the real problem.

    All you have to do is look back at what happened when that Ross Perot helped elect Bill “The Philanderer” Clinton.

    You do know that, right?


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  27. Helene said at 8:00 pm on May 23rd, 2013:

    There comes a point when trying to bend another’s point of view is futile. The Tea Party has reached that point with the Monmouth GOP.

  28. @Frustrated Helene said at 8:25 pm on May 23rd, 2013:

    So, Helene; on practical, everyday matters; the Monmouth GOP has let you down. They’ve cut the budget and kept taxes as low as possible and have kept the quality of life in Monmouth County high. People WANT TO and ARE moving to Monmouth County.

    But you know, many of them are Democrats from North Jersey and if you throw far right nuts at them like the vaunted but totally incapable RC4L candidates; half of them who are liars; you are only going to turn the county Democrat Blue. Is that what you really want?

    People in NJ don’t care about “2nd amendment rights.” So, what else is left that has left you so disappointed?

    Or, is it that you are just a crank like that Imbecile Equine AKA Potty Mouth Political Pony, or Jim Sage?

    You see, you folks at the BSTPG just don’t know how to grow a movement and to grow Conservatism. You start at the BOTTOM and work your way up the candidate from Municipal Candidates to Freeholder, ect.

    Instead, your inexperienced candidates and those that would lie their way into office THINK they know how to run things and just want to start at the top.

    Maybe you are just afraid to see the reality of what it actually takes to run local and county government on a day to day basis.

    So, I am tired of this “citizen patriot: canard. Your candidates are inexperienced, lacking in knowledge and just plain inept at running for office. And you want US to trust them after a primary to keep the seats Republican and out of Democrat hands?

    That’s a laugher. Grow up and get real.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  29. Helene said at 8:59 pm on May 23rd, 2013:

    Oh great Eichmann’s back. Stick to your own district. My rights are important to me, more people are becoming aware of the dangers facing us today. We have tried to work with the incumbents, they are not interested in working for those they represent.

  30. @Potty Mouth Helene said at 9:48 pm on May 23rd, 2013:

    You think I’m Rob Eichman?

    Or, did you call me a Nazi? If the former, you are stupid, if the later, oh boy, you are a hateful little crapper aren’t you.

    But, to the point of your insipid comments. You talk as if the incumbents are ready to totally strip away your rights and your freedom. How silly you are.

    You missed the entire point of my comments because you are such an elitist that YOU and your ilk think you know everything. The bigger problem is that you don’t even know you are an elitist by wrapping yourself in this cloak of “citizen patriot.”

    Beware of absolutists who offer a solution in their efforts to grab power.

    You proffer foolhardy, lying and horrible candidates in the hopes of slapping down people that are closer to your ideals than you think, all the while risking the seats to people who WOULD INDEED take away your freedoms and rights.

    Are you people so full of hate or are you really “stuck on stupid?” I think it’s both.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  31. BTW Helene said at 9:55 pm on May 23rd, 2013:

    You NEVER answered the question, preferring to do a little sidestep.

    “The people in NJ don’t care about “2nd amendment rights” enough to use that as a reason enough to kick out a candidate.

    So, what else is left that has left you so disappointed, ” ESPECIALLY since the Freeholders and State Legislators have worked to cut spending.

    AND, to pile on; are those issues SO OVERWHELMINGLY IMPORTANT that you would risk losing those seats to Democrats because of inept and lying candidates.

    If so, you really are indeed a foolish lady.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  32. Shlomo said at 10:53 pm on May 23rd, 2013:

    Helene is right. But the only viable solution is to go third party. We need a third party which stands for conservative principles, not cheap RINO rhetoric who campaign like conservatives in the primary but govern like liberals when they are elected.

    Even if the Democrats win sometimes we have to take one step backwards before we can take two steps forward. Bill Clinton and the Democrats swept the country in 1992, and two years later the GOP controlled Congress for the first time in decades. In 1989 Jim Florio and the Democrats swept to victory, and two years later the GOP had a veto proof majority in the Legislature. A Buono victory in 2013 will mean a veto proof GOP majority Legislature in 2015, and a Tea Party Governor in 2017.

  33. GOIC said at 11:09 pm on May 23rd, 2013:

    Let the incumbents use this “platform” to tell US the people, how the Teaparty primary-ing them on June 4th is taking away from their work for “the people” both local and state? Then all you RINO’s can make the point that Tea Party candidates shouldn’t run …


  34. GOIC said at 11:12 pm on May 23rd, 2013:

    Its latter not later Rdux, you moronic turd, for such a grammar nazi, you sure miss the obvious all the time

    The GO-IC

  35. @GOIC said at 5:40 am on May 24th, 2013:

    Oh, wow. I missed spelled one word in almost all of my posts. Sometimes, late at night when one is tired, those things will happen when a spell checker doesn’t catch you. So, WHATEVER creep.

    There is a difference from misspelling Karl Rove’s first name than incorrectly using later and latter. The LATTER makes one look stupid, really stupid because by now people should know who Karl Rove is.

    Oh, and if you want to talk about moronic turds, look at your own Shlomo. He’s admitted it’s ok to lose to Democrats.

    You people are so freaking stupid that you can’t see the disaster right in front of your faces. You would rather attack on with a cheap grammar issue than face the facts like your candidates are unprepared and basically lying.

    The real problem is that you are all afraid to face the truth with the so called R4CL slate.That’s why you steer the conversation away from the real issues.

    And for that…

    you are ALL nuts, sheer freakin’ nuts.

    Did I spell all those words correctly enough for you GOIC?


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  36. And Shlomo said at 5:44 am on May 24th, 2013:

    REALLY shows that he is “stuck on STUPID”

    “A Buono victory in 2013 will mean a veto proof GOP majority Legislature in 2015, and a Tea Party Governor in 2017.

    Besides the fact that no Tea Party candidate will make it to the Governor’s Mansion in a blue NJ, the fool simply does not understand how bulletproof the Democrat Statehouse is with the current redistricting map.

    You folks have been drinking the kook aid for far too long.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  37. Barry said at 7:50 am on May 24th, 2013:

    Quote Ronald Reagan all you want but for the entire 8 years movement converatives like Richard Viguerie complained incestantly how Reagan is sabotaging convervative ideals. Zealots are never happy.

  38. Barry said at 8:30 am on May 24th, 2013:

    Also, when you use the term originalist:

    Is it Hamilton originalist, Jefferson originalist, Adams originalist or Madison originalist? All had different interpretations.

  39. Barry said at 8:50 am on May 24th, 2013:

    Technically if you are originalists then you take the Constitution without amendments? You do realize the Constitution was ratified without the amendments and Washington and Congress functioned for a couple of years without the Bill of Rights.