A bipartisan group of State Legislators will be hosting a Symposium on the Equine Industry in New Jersey on September 27th at Perretti Farms, New Jersey’s largest horse farm, in Cream Ridge from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. as an opportunity to educate fellow legislators and other New Jersey residents about the importance of horse and horse-related industries to the State’s economy.


The event is co-hosted by Senator Jennifer Beck, Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande, Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon, Assemblyman Ralph Caputo and Assemblywoman Connie Wagner.


“Recently,” said Assemblywoman Casagrande, “there has been a great deal of discussion about the future of the horse racing industry in New Jersey. It is our hope that this event will serve as an opportunity to learn about the present state of the equine industry, the challenges it currently faces, and possible solutions to make it once again a self-sustaining industry.”


“We are hosting this event at the largest standardbred horse farms in New Jersey,” said Senator Beck, “so that people can see firsthand the complexity and long term strategy needed to breed and raise racehorses. This fall, Perretti Farms has approximately 100 yearlings bred from some of the best standardbred horses in the State. Farms like this are an important economic engine for New Jersey.”


“Horseracing alone is a $4 billion industry in New Jersey,” said Assemblyman O’Scanlon, “and horse-related professions account for around 13,000 jobs in the State. This event will provide a venue for a discussion that all interested parties need to have about the survival and sustainability of this industry.”


Among the featured guest speakers are Karyn Malinowski, from the Rutgers University Equine Science Center; Anthony Perretti, a standardbred breeder; Tom Swales, president of the Thoroughbred Breeder’s Association of New Jersey; and Peter Furey, Executive Director of the New Jersey Farm Bureau.


This event is a bipartisan, educational opportunity to continue the discussion on the future of horse racing and gaming in New Jersey.


“Horse racing is an essential component of New Jersey’s gaming industry,” said Assemblyman Caputo, “and we must do all we can to support it by enticing customers back to the racetracks and the Atlantic City casinos alike.  The installation of video lottery terminals (VLTs) at the Meadowlands is something to seriously consider in order to stem the tide of gambling revenue flowing out of New Jersey to racinos and casinos in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Delaware.”


“Discussions such as the ones we will have at this Symposium are vital to continued economic growth in New Jersey,” said Senator Paul Sarlo. “I am eager to see in-depth discussions continue that include both the equine industry and casinos so that the best solution can be found for our State.”


Perretti Farms is located at 329 State Highway 526, Cream Ridge, New Jersey and can be contacted by calling 609-259-7555

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