Rebranding The Democrats

By Thomas F. Stokes, Middletown

On September 15th, the Los Angeles Times reported that the national Democrat Party had a new “rebranding effort” showing a new party logo and slogan.

Just released census data now show 43.6 million Americans living below the poverty line.

The census figures also show that among the working age (18-64) population, poverty levels rose to the highest level in almost fifty (that’s 50) years.

Together with the latest unemployment figures, it is no wonder that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their “progressive” (ultra-liberal) fellow democrats (such as incumbent Congressmen Frank Pallone and Rush Holt), who have controlled Congress, spending and taxes for the past four years, want to “rebrand” their democrat party. If I had such a dismal record, I would too.

Based upon the democrats’ actual record of digging the economic ditch we now find our country in, and continuing their spend, borrow and tax policies, which have obviously failed, may I suggest a new rebranding with “truth in advertising”. They are now “POP”, the Party of Poverty. The “D” now stands for “Digging the Ditch”.

Spare me the standard response that it was “Bush’s fault”. No president, whether Bush or Obama, pass a budget or taxes. That is only Congress. The president’s only responsibility is to sign or veto the legislation. Under the current administration fat chance of this president vetoing any increase in spending (or more government bailouts, takeovers or expansion of government).

Years ago, common sense was that if you found yourself in a hole, you should stop digging. Then again, the “progressives” in the Party of Poverty seem to have ignored Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity – keep doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting a different result!

Even Fidel Castro was recently quoted as saying Cuba’s socialist economy  “doesn’t work for us anymore”. Cuba just announced the layoff of 500,000 government workers. Greece’s socialist economy has literally bankrupted that country. European socialism is going the way of the dinosaurs.

And our Party of Poverty progressives want to continue down the yellow brick road, paved with trillions of dollars of deficits. How long will it take our children and grandchildren to pay for this out of control spending? Here’s just one result of the democrats’ ballyhooed “stimulus” spending. The city of Los Angeles just reported spending $111 million of our tax dollars to create or save “only 55 jobs”. That’s $2 million for each job!

That is beyond ridiculous. It is obscene.

This November, the American People must join the Taxpayers’ Revolt and send a loud and clear message to the Washington elites. As the ad says, “Can you hear us now?”.

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