Fake Democrat PAC sends Fake News to Howell Voters

The reelection campaign of Howell Mayor Theresa Berger was kicked off last week with a fake newspaper filled with fake news and paid for and mailed to Howell voters by a Fake Democrat political action committee.

The Howell Tribune, a political hit piece filled with false and misleading content, claims that Berger blocked a proposed dump in the township and that Republican council members are behind the increase in residential development.

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O’Scanlon & DiMaso: Prominent Restaurants on Precipice

Senator O’Scanlon and Assemblywoman DiMaso said restaurants are hurting and if Murphy doesn’t immediately increase the indoor dining capacity to a minimum of 66 percent, the results could be devastating to the entire industry. (Pixabay)

Senator Declan O’Scanlon and Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso (both R-Monmouth) emphasized their previous call for an immediate increase for indoor dining capacity to 66 percent following yet another desperate message from a prominent restaurant owner who indicated they might close very soon without a substantial indoor dining increase.

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Atlantic Cinemas to reopen October 15 with new business model

Atlantic Cinemas, the iconic local theater located on First Ave in Atlantic Highlands, will reopen with a new business model on October 15, owners Fred and Mickey Rast announced.

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Hanlon sworn in as VP of State Constitutional Officers Association

Monmouth County Clerk Christine Hanlon being sworn in as Vice President of Constitutional Officers Association of NJ

TRENTON, NJ Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon was sworn in as Vice President of the Constitutional Officers Association of New Jersey (COANJ) on Sept. 24 at the New Jersey State House in Trenton. She was elected Vice President by her peers in the organization which consists of the elected Constitutional Officers of all 21 counties of the State of New Jersey. Clerk Hanlon previously served as Secretary of COANJ.

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Breaking: Monmouth GOP files suit against Murphy administration over election rules

The Monmouth County Republican Committee (MCRC) has filed an Order to Show Cause against New Jersey Secretary of State Tahesa Way seeking to compel the State to issue rules and regulations regarding the collection of ballots in the upcoming general election and to forbid the counting of ballots that are received by Boards of Elections after election day and without postmarks.

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Arnone: Uptick in COVID-19 in Monmouth County is with teens and young adults.

Freeholder Director Tom Arnone

Monmouth County Freeholder Director Tom Arnone attributed the increase in COVID-19 cases in the County to teenaged and young adult residents.

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Veterans and Environmentalists Praise Smith’s Legislation

Legislation authored by Congressman Chris Smith that would expand the access to federal lands for the purposes of veterans’ medical therapy passed in the House of Representatives yesterday as part of a package of veterans legislation, the Veterans’ COMPACT Act.

New Jersey’s Veterans and Environmental leadership applauded the legislation and Rep Smith’s leadership.

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Middletown Police seek help in locating missing woman

UPDATED: Sept. 24, 2020 9:11 am

Mary Silengo is still missing as of Thursday morning, according to an announcement by the Middletown Police Department.

She is believed to be wearing a bright pink pajama shirt, gray sweat pants, a dark jacket and black boots.

If you have any information that could help in locating Mary, please call 911 or 732-615-2100.

Mary Silengo

The Middletown Police Department is seeking the public’s help in locating
Mary Silengo, a 62 year old “at risk” woman who lives in Shadow Lake Village.

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Arnone Report, Sept 22, 2020

Middletown Mayor Tony Perry, Committeewoman Pat Snell and Freeholder Director Tom Arnone promoting Open Space in Middletown

I would like to take the time to reflect upon and recognize the 19th anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks our nation endured on September 11th, 2001. Though the years have passed, we will never forget the lives and legacies of those who lost their lives or the first responders who bravely did their jobs.

It is our duty to always remember the horrific events that took place on that day, as well as, to never forget those we lost and how that day changed our lives forever.  However, in order to never forget, our youth must be taught about 9/11 and the events that transpired that day and how it changed the course of American history forever.

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New Jersey budget will see more tax increases, more borrowing

Lawmakers push plan that borrows more than Gov. Phil Murphy wanted. Votes planned for Tuesday

By John Reitmeyer, NJSpotlight

State lawmakers are planning to send Gov. Phil Murphy a budget bill later this week that calls for even more spending and borrowing than he originally asked for.

The first votes on a $32.7 billion spending bill formally introduced by lawmakers on Monday are scheduled to be held Tuesday afternoon in budget committees in the Assembly and Senate.

Also scheduled for committee review on Tuesday are a series of tax hikes proposed to back up the Legislature’s spending bill.

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