Vent here

venting(1)So I closed the anonymous comments on the Chairman’s race posts and now my phone is ringing off the hook and I’m being bombarded by private messages on facebook.

I had no idea that so many of the anonymous posters assumed (some correctly and some incorrectly) that I knew who they were AND that they really wanted ME to know their opinions.

I can’t be selfish and keep all this fun to myself.  So, if you have a comment about the Chairman’s race or any of the posts that I’ve closed the comments on, make them here.

But, if you’re going to be anonymous or use a fake name, use a fake name for the person you being critical of or praising. Got something to say about John Bennett or Shaun Golden, go ahead and say it, just don’t use the words John, Shaun, Golden, Chairman, Sheriff or Bennett.  Same goes for Fred Niemann, John Kaye, Wayne Pomanowski and Tom Arnone or anyone else.  Don’t use their names, titles or former titles (like former Senator.)

For example, if you have a complaint about me or something I wrote, don’t write, Art, you screwed the pooch. Instead write….pick a name..Willie, you screwed the pooch.

If after you’ve vented, if you don’t feel better and you really really really want me to know how you feel, then you can call.  You can use real names on the phone.

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