Animal Activist Steps Up Efforts To Stop Longstreet Farm Breeding

The group that wants the Monmouth County Park System to stop breeding farm animals that will eventually be dinner has purchased advertising on NJ.com and launched an online petition to support their cause.

Neither the advertiser nor the petitioner are identified.  The Asbury Park Press said that “Friend of Longstreet Farm Animals,” lead by Suzanne Dragan of Aberdeen, are leading the effort to have the Monmouth County Park System sterilize the animals presently at Longstreet and to discontinue the breeding and sale of animals for slaughter.

Dragan is an animal activist who used to have a radio show, “Animal Talk” on WCTC 1450AM in New Brunswick. She has been active with United Poultry Concerns in fighting the New Jersey Quail Project’s educational efforts, Quail in the Classroom, for fear that quail chicks hatched in New Jersey schools will end up being hunted.  The Quail Project is sponsored by the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife and sportsmans groups.  She has fought horse drawn carriages in New York and Ocean County’s geese population control methods.

“Eating ‘humane’ meat & animal-products is like fornicating for virginity,” Dragan said about Whole Foods’ humane meat rating system.

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