Should County Farm Animals Be Bred and Slaughtered?

A group called Friends of Longstreet Farm Animals wants the livestock animals at the Holmdel park to be neutered so they won’t breed and be sold for slaughter, according to an article in the Asbury Park Press.

The leader of the group, Suzanne Dragan of Aberdeen, says she presented the Freeholder Board with a petition with  1,175 signatures and 100 postcards asking that county raised animals no longer be slaughtered.

Freeholder Director John Curley said he sought a compromise with Dragan’s group.  When no compromise could be reached, Curley said “I love a good BLT,” while announcing that the farm would continue to breed and sell animals that end up as groceries.

Bruce Gollnick, the assistant director of the county park system, said that farm is trying to do a better job managing the breeding program to control the population so that animals do not have to be sold.


It seems to me that the proceeds of sales should be defraying the cost of operating the park.  No?   A breeding and sale program could be/should be an educational opportunity for Monmouth County students of all ages.

Breed more, sell more, slaughter more and serve Longstreet Burgers at the Monmouth County Fair.

Dragan said, “Shame on the freeholders for not listening to their constituents” by continuing the sale of animals that end up being slaughter.

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