Bruce Springsteen, Will You Support Asbury Park Gays Against Bigotry and Refuse to Play There, Too?


By Tommy DeSeno

Tommy DeSeno1Greetings, Bruce!

I hail from the City of your choosing, Asbury Park New Jersey.  A fan since you named your first album after our fair city; I’m one of your loyal “kids huddled on the beach in the mist.”  We’ve met on those nights you thrill the locals with impromptu performances at the Stone Pony, which made that venue famous.

I’ve noticed your occasional forays into politics, including your concert cancellation in North Carolina to protest laws about who gets to use what bathroom, and who gets to sue for discrimination.

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Monmouth United: Bennett and Gopal To Throw A Stone Pony Fundraiser for Sandy Recovery

Democrats, Republicans, New Leaders Council Unite for Sandy Relief

Bi-Partisan Event & Concert to Bridge Divide, Raise Money, Collect Clothing, Food & Supplies

On Sunday, December 30, the New Leaders Council – New Jersey will partner with the Monmouth County Republicans, Monmouth County Democrats, New Jersey Young Republicans and New Jersey Young Democrats sponsoring a bi-partisan Hurricane Sandy relief concert at the Stone Pony from 1 – 7 PM.

“Keeping with the goals of the New Leaders Council, we wanted to bridge the political divide by bringing people together to help make a difference for those in need,” said Justin Braz, President of the New Leaders Council – New Jersey.

NJ 101.5 has agreed to help with promoting the event and Kevin McArdle will serve as emcee for the event. The event will feature multiple bands with a speaking program in between each set featuring elected officials and dignitaries. Confirmed bands for the event will include the B Street band, The Pat Roddy Band, Joe Orlando and the Cryers, Vinny Pastore and the Crazy Horse Band and Back Up Jackson.

“This is an excellent opportunity for putting aside partisan differences to help our friends and neighbors begin putting their lives back together,” said John Bennett, Chairman of the Monmouth County Republicans.

“We look forward to working with Chairman Bennett and Monmouth County Republicans to assist all of our neighbors across Monmouth County who were affected by this horrible storm. Monmouth Democrats and Republicans share the hope and determination to rebuild and restore our great County and State,” said Vin Gopal, Chairman of the Monmouth County Democrats.

Attendees can also bring Food and Cleaning Supplies for donation to the Monmouth Ocean County Food Bank.

“This is a great chance for our organizations to combine efforts for a worthy cause that will benefit our community,” said Tony Howley, Chairman of the New Jersey Young Republicans.

All proceeds raised at the event will be donated to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

“We are proud to be a part of this effort raising awareness and funds to rebuild the Jersey shore and surrounding communities,” said Chris James, President of the New Jersey Young Democrats.

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