If You See A Spot, Check A Spot

A message from Assemblyman Dave Rible:

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Guard Against Skin Cancer

rible_3599_webBy Assemblyman Dave Rible

With the summer season now here  and tremendous excitement to get back to the beach, I strongly urge people to  take preventative steps to guard against the most dangerous form of skin cancer,  melanoma.

Over the last 30 years, the  number of people diagnosed with melanoma has continually risen and the American  Cancer Society estimates that more than 9,000 Americans will lose their battle  with this deadliest type of skin cancer in 2013 alone.  And that is only a fraction of the  almost 77,000 cases of melanoma that are expected to be diagnosed this year.

Melanoma is different from most  other cancers in that it commonly affects people of all ages. In fact, many  melanoma victims are only in their twenties.

Like many other cancers, melanoma  is very treatable if detected early. However, cases that are not treated early  can become more serious and more difficult to treat, and can even be fatal.

I know firsthand the importance  of early detection of this deadly disease. Having been diagnosed with malignant  melanoma in January, I am thankful it was recognized early and was determined to  be treatable.

However, many people diagnosed  with melanoma are not so fortunate and that is why I strongly urge people to  take advantage of the easy steps that can help to prevent this form of skin  cancer. When going outside, using sunscreen is one of the simplest and most  important ways to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

In addition, you should take  advantage of skin screenings and be aware of any changes to your skin,  especially moles that are suspicious in shape, color, or change in appearance  over time.

While melanoma can be deadly, the  good news is that it can be prevented and treated by being proactive and  utilizing a few simple steps.


Dave Rible represents the 30th Legislative District in the New Jersey State Assembly. He is the Republican Conference Leader.


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