Congressman Smith helps 17 escape Peru’s quarantine

Dylan Budnick, 24, of Middletown, vacationing in Peru prior to the countrywide quarantine. Photo courtesy of the Budnick family

Seventeen Americans who were trapped in Peru after the South American country abruptly shut its borders in response to the COVID-19 crisis, have safely returned to their families in the United States, or are on their way home, thanks in large measure to the efforts of Congressman Chris Smith.

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Congressman Chris Smith Fighting For Release Of Americans Held In Iran

Congressman Chris Smith told News12 that he will personally bring the cause of Princeton University graduate student Xiyue Wang to the attention of Vice President Mike Pence and that he will have Wang’s wife, Hua Qu, testify before his Congressional Committee as part of his effort to secure the release of the American student, and others, from prison in Iran.

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