O’Scanlon: Redflex Indictment Should Surprise No one


NJ101.5 photo

NJ101.5 photo

Karen Finley, former CEO of Redflex Traffic Systems Inc, one of two Red Light Camera companies operating in New Jersey, was indicted by a federal grand jury in Chicago last week on bribery charges.

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon, New Jersey’s fiercest opponent of Red Light Cameras, says that is not a surprise:
“Well this is a shocking turn of events, said no one! If cameras actually increased safety no one would have to bribe anyone for business – we’d all be lining up!  How any public entity can continue to do business with Redflex in particular, but really any of these companies pitching these ineffective, thieving cameras is beyond me.  Is the lure of fast cash so strong we have decided that morality doesn’t matter?  We now have multiple pieces of evidence of corruption reaching the highest levels of one of the two companies operating these cameras in New Jersey.  Both companies are guilty of blatantly lying about their products and misrepresenting data.”

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By John Day, WatchDogWire

Piscataway’s red light camera program closed out March issuing more tickets than the township’s total population, while also nearing the $5-million mark in total fines issued. Those projections are based on an internal, township document obtained through New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act (OPRA).

The internal document, titled “Township of Piscataway: Monthly Analysis of Red Light Camera,” chronicles by month the number of citations, revenue produced, Watchdog-story-graphic-630x286and recipients of the cameras’ cash. In its first 27 months of operation, November 2011 through February 2014, Piscataway’s photo-ticketing program produced a total of 55,396 citations and $4,710,415 in ticket revenue.

Citation revenue from Piscataway’s red light cameras is divvied between several recipients. Through February 2014, Piscataway Township has received about 32% of the program’s total revenue, amounting to $1,527,146.  Same period earnings for Piscataway’s photo-ticket vendor American Traffic Solutions (ATS) was $2,153,908, 46% of the proceeds. The State of New Jersey and Middlesex County received 22% of the haul, at $637,054 and $392,811 respectively.

Crash Data Revealed

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