Don’t Be Trashy, Recycle

Nancy Fix and Deb D'Alessio of Sissy's Place in Campbell's Junction, Belford
Nancy Fix and Deb D’Alessio of Sissy’s Place in Campbell’s Junction, Belford

Middletown Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger’s reverse 911 call encouraging township residents and businesses to recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and tin cans and glass containers, was the talk of Sissy’s Place in Belford today, according to Nancy Fix and Deb D’Alessio.

Fix and D”Alessio wait on the neighborhood eatery’s customers together on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays wearing matching T-shirts.   Today they wore their “Don’t Be Trashy, Recyle” shirts, which prompted conversation about the Mayor’s call.
Scharfenberger told MoreMonmouthMusings that the township’s revenue from recycling was down $400K from last year.  He and his colleagues on the township committee agreed promote recycling and expand paper products accepted in order to recover that revenue and hopefully increase it by $1 million per year.
“Recycling pays of twice.” said Scharfenberger,” the township receives revenue for the recycled products and tipping fees for trash are reduced as well.”   The Mayor encourages all residents to visit the website www.middletownnj.org/recycle to get clear on the recycling pick up schedules and accepted products.
Scharfenberger scoffed at the notion that the reverse 911 call coming three weeks before the election was political, “In all honesty, making the call was Seans Byrnes’ idea.”
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