Norcross Endorses Buono For Governor

Camden Democratic Boss and King of the World George Norcross joined Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin “Pro-Buono” Gopal in endorsing State Senator Barbara Buono as the Democratic nominee for governor.

Norcross did not feel snubbed that he was left off Gopal’s list of endorsees released on Tuesday.

Norcross told PolitickerNJ that Buono is “a high quality candidate, and in the absence of anyone else, the party ought to  rally around her and move forward.” He said he applauds Buono for getting into the gubernatorial race when no one else has.   Can you feel the love?

While Gopal praised Buono’s guts in his endorsement on Tuesday, Norcross had choice words for the lack of guts of Senator and former Acting Governor Richard Codey.  Codey has not announced his gubernatorial candidacy, but many Democrats expect that he will jump into the race soon.

“I’ve never had any confidence in Dick Codey’s courage and I don’t expect  that to change,” Norcross said.  “I think he likes to have people say ‘run  Dick run’ and I think at the end of this period we will look back and say ‘this  looks like the Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers fiasco that played out over four  cycles and the party will be in a position where we don’t have a standard bearer  and aren’t in a position to compete in the election this year.”

Norcross compared Codey to the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz and said his  gubernatorial aspirations amount to nothing more than a “theatrical  presentation.”

Codey took Norcross’s bash as a school yard challenge.  The anti-bully lobby would be proud.

“I had the guts to take him on and I’ve been doing it since 1993,” Codey said in  response.  “He’s done a good job of trying to wreck this party so he can  run everything in concert with the governor.  As he said very famously, no  matter who runs, I win.  That’s the attitude we have to change.”.

Despite the lack of an announcement, News12 reported Wednesday night that Codey is a candidate.  The former Acting Governor sounded very much like a candidate on the cable new station, discussing how Governor Christie could be beat and how he would defeat him.

Norcross’s endorsement of Buono is a good indication that his protege, Senate President Steve, “The Kitten” Sweeney will not be a candidate for governor.

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