Unopposed candidates romp in Monmouth’s municipal elections

Three of four municipal elections this week, Allenhurst, Keansburg and Loch Arbour, were uncontested. The fourth, Deal, four candidates competed for three seats on the governing commission.

As of 8:20:57 PM on Tuesday night, 1,190 of 6,651 registered voters (17.89%) cast ballots in the four municipal elections. More people will read this article.

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Jersey City Reports Election Results Faster Than Asbury Park Does

Fulop has a strong lead in Jersey City

One hour after the polls closed in today’s municipal elections, Asbury Park has no results posted on the Monmouth County Clerk’s website.

In Jersey City, with 43% if the voting districts reporting as of 8:54 PM, Councilman Steve Fulop is on pace to defeat incumbent mayor Jerry Healy by a comfortable 54% to 37% margin.

UPDATE 9:10 pm  Fulop declared victory on facebook at 9 pm.  With 66% of the districts reporting, Fulop has 53% of the vote, Healy has 38%.


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