Monmouth Legislators Endorse Christine Hanlon for GOP Chair

The majority of Monmouth County’s legislative delagation has signed a letter endorsing State Committeewoman and Ocean Township Municipal Chair Christine Hanlon in her quest to become the next Chair of the Monmouth County Republcian Committee. 

Senators Joe Kyrillos and Jennifer Beck were joined by Assembly Members Amy Handlin, Mary Pat Angelini and Dave Rible in signing the letter that was mailed to county committee members and candidates.

We are writing to you today to endorse State Committeewoman and Ocean Municipal Chairwoman Christine Hanlon as the next Chair of the Monmouth County Republican Party and ask you to vote for her on June 12th.

Christine has been an integral part of our recent Republican successes at every level.  She has served as the Monmouth Coordinator for both the McCain-Palin presidential campaign and the Christie- Guadagno gubernatorial campaign. She has run the last three Monmouth County Republican Victory Galas, and many other fundraising events, raising in excess of $500,000 for the party.  For the past three years, she has assisted the Chairman in the coordination of our county campaigns, and worked with him to develop campaign plans, including strategy and voter targeting, direct mail and our county wide vote by mail program.

Just as importantly, Christine has worked to develop and sustained grassroots network, increased volunteer participation and increased communication from the organization to people like you, the lifeblood of our party. As Chair, she will continue her efforts to keep you informed and involved and continue to raise the money needed to win aggressive campaigns.

With the recent nomination of Monmouth County Republican Chair Joe Oxley to become the Superior Court bench, we must find a new Chair who will continue his recent successes in leading our party. Christine Hanlon has played an integral part in those successes and we are writing today to ask you to vote for Christine  to succeed Chairman Oxley as Monmouth County Republican Chair.

We strongly endorse Christine Hanlon for Chairwoman, and ask that you vote for her at the upcoming Monmouth County Republican Convention.

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